Miracles of nature

The beauty of the islands of Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet brought them the title of national parks


Taste the island

Taste the island delicacies, cultivated on the stone and dried in the bora wind



The meditative experience of the island of Lošinj is waiting for you

Learn the Croatian fairy tale of 1.244 islands, islets, cliffs and rocks, which is told along the whole of the Adriatic Sea. Each of them tells its own historical story, interwoven by customs, landmarks and natural beauty. The romantic atmosphere of secluded bays delights yachtsmen and introduces them to a relaxed way of living on the islands.

Stone, olive and vine are the basis of existence on the islands. Hardworking hands cultivated them for centuries, in order for them to, today, become a fadeless island tradition. Don’t refuse to abandon yourselves to the Mediterranean story of the Croatian islands; the fragrant tranquillity of native herbage and pine trees will be waiting for you!

Abandon yourselves to the magic of nature, intact by human hand! Explore the map of islands entangled in a fishing net, written by history! Taste autochthonous produce that have lived for centuries on the bora wind and stone, bathed in the sea! Find bays, hidden in the deep-blue sea, and abandon yourselves to the adventure of the Adriatic! Choose an island for yourselves; each one of them will delight you with its uniqueness, with which it will embrace you and seduce you

Island Krk

The Island of Krk

Experience an island, indelibly written in Croatian history

Virgin bays, bathed in the warm sea and traces of rich history and culture are the reason why the Island of Krk was named a Golden Island. A valuable sanctuary of culture, history and natural beauty, but also a real mountain landscape and barren karst, is a place in the Adriatic where you can taste the champagne from the sea – a unique blend of the sea and the wine!

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Island Cres

The Island of Cres

Go to meet the mysterious world of nature

Meet both faces of the Island of Cres – quiet bays in the south part and colossal, robust cliffs in the north of the island. Thanks to a plentiful plant and animal world, Cres is a true paradise for nature lovers; it is here where you can enjoy the wedding flights of almost extinct, law protected, griffon vultures.

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Island Losinj

The Island of Lošinj

Abandon yourselves to a meditative experience

The pine wood forest, which exhales tranquillity, the deep-blue sea, which beckons to refreshment and wild-grown aromatic herbage, which spreads its fragrances across the island od Lošinj, have created a destination in which you can abandon yourselves to fragrant programmes.

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Island Rab

The Island of Rab

Get back to the time of knights

Hiding many secrets and magic of the past times, the Island of Rab was created, an island of happiness and four bell towers, which will seduce you with the song of crickets. With each step, you will be more and more convinced that you have arrived in an oasis of relaxation, either for bathing, or for a more active holiday or, more still, for acquainting with the past.

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Island Pag

The Island of Pag

Enjoy the moon landscape and a gastronomic heaven on earth

The island of a stony landscape and scarce vegetation, with a few blades of Mediterranean herbage, the Island of Pag is an island of the tradition written with a historical nib. Its karst and rugged appearance hide a rich cultural and folklore heritage, which daily lives in the streets of island towns. During your stay, you must taste the Pag cheese and the Pag lamb!

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Island Dugi Otok

The Island of Dugi otok

Relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic

Although due to its magic landscape and plush nature a more suitable name for it would be the Divine Island, Dugi otok in its name still depicts its geographical appearance. It can also be called the island of contrasts – by magnificent cliffs in its southern part it protects the Telašćica Nature Park, while, picturesque bays quietly anchored in the north.

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Island Murter

The Island of Murter

Sail across the sea of islands

With its coast, it almost touches the mainland, to which is connected by a 12 metre-long drawbridge and, thanks to its vicinity to the Kornati National park and other numerous islands and cliffs, the Island of Murter is a favourite destination of yachtsmen, but also of all lovers of peaceful holidays.

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Island Hvar

The Island of Hvar

Breathe in the smells of salt and lavender

In the picturesque surroundings of the Adriatic Sea, it almost swam with its pointed end into the Neretva River estuary. Numerous families from the town of Pharos also recognised the attractiveness of the Island of Hvar when they established their colony on the island. Bathed in sun, Hvar is an place where you can have a peek into an chest of historical heritage and plush nature.

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Island Brač

The Island of Brač

Take a barefoot stroll along the white beach

Bathed in the charm of the Adriatic south, Brač is an island to which nature gave long pebble beaches, enriched by a green forest, as a natural protection from the sun. It is here where, for hundreds of years, the best stone is being collected, which represents the soul of the island. Its glory is also witnessed by the fact that many Croatian and world structures have been built of it.

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Island Korčula

The Island of Korčula

Step along the roads of Marko Polo

Should you visit the island of enchanting history and timeless beauty of the past times, impressed into hidden alleys, you will know that you are in a special place. That place is Korčula. Its old name of Korkyra Melania (Black Korčula) came from holm oak, the most widely spread plant on the island.

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Island Mljet

The Island of Mljet

Abandon yourselves to the legend of a mystic island

An island of unique natural phenomena will introduce you to the world of legends, which will, at the very arrival on the island, tickle your imagination and animate you to go exploring the worlds of heroes, warriors and myths. Visit the Island of Mljet and learn whether Ulysses really fell in love with a beautiful nymph, or with the beauty of the mystical green oasis of the island.

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