Island of vitality

Mediterranean plants and the pine tree forest have created an ideal place for a life in harmony with nature


Make friends with the sea

Kind dolphins cannot wait to meet you


Smells and the tastes of the island

From month to month, this island lives marked by the island's herbage with healing properties, specific to particular periods of the year

The forested island of Lošinj, bathed in the whiteness of the sea foam, imprinted in the sand, will give you peace, harmony and beauty in the scenery of numerous islets that surround it. The richness of the pine wood tree forest exhales serenity and lightness, the deep blue sea beckons for refreshment and wild grown aromatic plants spread their fragrance across the island, thus creating a destination where you will find yourselves again and cohabit with the sun also in the Mediterranean climate!

Among secluded bays and rocks, in the Lošinj archipelago the bathed Apoxyomenos slept for 2.000 years, a bronze statue of an athlete, which was pulled from the seabed in 1999 between the islets of Vela Orjula and Lošinj. Its former shine was returned and, at the Kvarner Palace, you can see for yourselves its classical beauty and the excellence of craftsmanship. It would be ideal to pay it a visit during the Days of Apoxyomenos, when the antique way of living is revived and where you can enjoy making antique jewellery and ceramics, taste antique food or support Greek and Roman wrestling matches. Camping Lopari is a perfect place where the whole family can have fun, but also relax; have fun  and relax in respiratory system health treatments of the healing island of Lošinj. Surrounded by clear and clean blueness, a rich plant and animal world, the Lošinj underwater world was also recognised by friendly-inclined dolphins, which chose it as their home. Coming across them in this sea is nothing unusual, but it will delight you over and over again, offering you an unrepeatable and unforgettable experience.

Apart from the dolphins, natural aromatherapy programmes with scented herbs will also provide you with an unforgettable experience throughout the whole year, as well as numerous walking paths and promenades. Programmes with scented herbs give names to the months according to the island herbs, offering a wealth of combination of fragrances which expands in all aromas and in all areas, from liqueurs and gastronomy, to wellness. Come to Lošinj in April, which is reserved for asparagus, Lošinj onions and borage, or, maybe, in December, which is painted the fragrances of pine trees, agaves and junipers! Arranged paths and promenades stretch along 220 km and over even five islands. Take a walk through the scented and versatile natural environment and familiarise yourselves with wild grown authentic plants, conjoined with the traditional cuisine, aromatic local brandy and the bouquet of the local wine. After a journey across unexplored tastes and aromas, listen to the Croatian music at the Osor musical nights festival, which takes place in the little town of Osor, a serene oasis which, at the same time, is a museum of past times.

Abandon yourselves to the meditative experience of Lošinj – the sound of waves, the dance of dolphins and do not forget to take a deep breath! The fragrances and aromas of the island are waiting for you! Let your visit to the island of vitality, Lošinj, be latticed by the images of unforgettable scenes of the island diversity.