The island of happiness

Due to its nature and the beauty of the sea, the Romans back then awarded it the title of the island of happiness - Felix Arba


Take a peek into the past

Return to the Middle Ages – visit the festival Rapska fjera


Beaches to wish for

Rab is an island where you will find a sandy beach for yourselves

Hiding numerous secrets and charms of former times, the island of Rab is created, an island of happiness and four bell towers, which will seduce you with the cricket songs. With each step, you will be increasingly convinced that you have arrived at a holiday oasis, be it for bathing and sunbathing, for a more active holiday, or for familiarising with the past.

A rugged bare island rock greets the coast of the Adriatic Sea, while plush forests of pine wood and fragrant shrubbery enrich the west coast of the island, spreading towards the horizon. Everyone can find a sandy beach of their own on this island. Create your own happy experience of the summer at Campsite San Marino! The island of Rab is rich in solitary bays, naturist beaches, beaches for families, but also for pets. They are all bathed in a crystal clear, warm and shallow sea.

If you get bored with lazing around on paradise beaches, go along cycling paths and you will have a possibility to get to know each tiniest part of this island. The island of Rab will take you back to the middle ages, thanks to the Rapska fjera festival, where, together with the locals, you can witness the revelation of past times. By being present at this unique event, you will return to the dark times of the middle ages, acquaint yourself with reputed professions, ways of entertainment, but also with folk customs.

Go further north and explore Goli otok (Barren Island), a small island not far from Rab, full of bare stone slopes, steep and high cliffs. Goli otok is not famous only for its rugged rocks, but also for the most well-known and the most infamous prison in Europe after the 2nd World War, which was situated on this island, from which escape was almost impossible.

Sail from the mainland and come to the island of Rab, find pleasure on numerous Rab beaches or sail into the middle ages and you will take to this island, its people and history.