Following the routes of the famous traveller

Marko Polo, too set off from the island of Korčula on an unknown journey. Visit his birth house!


Take a deep breath

As soon as you step on the island, the fragrances of lavender, sage, rosemary and mint will welcome you


The island of dance

Dance the Moreška, Kumpanija or Moštra, Korčula's traditional dances

Should you visit the island of enchanting history and timeless beauty of past times, impressed into the hidden alleys, you will know that you are in a special place. That place is Korčula. It bore its old name of Korkyra Melania (Black Korčula) after the holm oak, the most widely spread plant on the island.

Go exploring the island of Korčula and enter the world of a rich past! Lower the windows on your car and listen to the concert of crickets and let the Mediterranean fragrances intoxicate you! Dazed by the fragrant notes of rosemary, sage and lavender, you will arrive in the town of Korčula. Create your own happy experience of the summer at Camping Port 9! A unique vista of the centre of the old town and a particular layout of its streets, which resemble a fishbone, will surely intrigue you. Get into the centre of the old town through the Veliki Revelin Tower and explore the medieval alleys, surrounded by elegant palaces with luxuriant frontages and numerous small churches, in order to reach the largest one, Saint Mark’s Cathedral. Enter the religious centre of the town of Korčula, in which many Italian masters’ masterpieces are exhibited. Opposite St. Mark’s Church you will find the Town Museum and acquaint yourselves with the lifestyle of old Korčula natives.

The stone house you must not miss is the house of Marko Polo, a world traveller, who, with ships at full sail, set off from his birthplace of Korčula towards an unknown country, Asia. He travelled along the so-called Silk Road, bringing the highly developed Chinese civilisation closer to Europe and bringing back the inventions of paper money, spaghetti, silk and spices. Climb up the family tower- observation post and enjoy the amusing views spreading from it!

If you have used the morning for exploring the town, spend the afternoon in one of the secluded, quiet and attractive pebble bays. Reserve the evening hours for moreška, a knights’ dance in original costumes, which illustrates the fight of a black and a white king for a girls’ love. Enjoy yourselves at dusk in the traditional dance, with a glass of by far well-known and original white wine Ošip. In other towns on the island you can acquaint yourselves with the chain dance with swords kumpanija, which is performed accompanied by mišnjice and drums.

Preserving the traces of the Greek tradition, Korčula is proud of its rich past of the ancient Mediterranean. Let a good wind bring you to the island in order to experience the unique Korčula climate, noble tastes and a realm of white wines. Let the tastes, smells and colours of Korčula remind you later and for a long time of your stay on this inspirational island!