550+ mobile homes in Croatia: Search the best mobile homes in Istria, in the Kvarner region and in Dalmatia!

Croatia, well known as camping destination has an excellent selection of mobile homes located in great locations. Mobile homes in Istria are ideal for all holiday types. If you choose Kvarner region for your holiday destination there you will find comfortable mobile homes by the sea. Attractive location by the the sea is the main feature of mobile homes in Dalmatia.

Mobile homes of unique designs, located in themed villages in campsites in Istria are ideal for a personalised holiday in nature. Private or common pool, whirlpool, spacious covered terrace with barbecue, sundeck, personalised animation for children and children playground are advantages when staying in mobile home in Istria. Mobile homes in the Kvarner region are located close to the city centre, but again far enough for the relaxation on the private terrace with sea view. Ideal for a spring getaway, mobile homes in continental Croatia will upgrade your holiday on the continent to a higher level. If you choose Dalmatia, there you'll find mobile homes close to the sea, equipped with everything needed for a carefree holiday in nature. Regardless of the choosen region, accompanying activities are waiting for you - animation, swimming pools, water sports, sightseeing and enjoying Croatian gastronomy.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of guests is usually staying in mobile homes in Croatian campsites?
Mobile homes in Croatian campsites are mostly visited by guests coming from Germany, followed by guests from Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands. In the last few years there have been an increasing number of guests arriving from Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Guests of mobile homes most often stay in Croatia during the summer months, especially during July and August. However, more and more guests of mobile homes are visiting Croatia in pre- and postseason because the crowds are much smaller and they can enjoy a carefree and quieter vacation.
What is the best way to reach Croatia?
Guests of mobile homes coming from Western Europe are usually traveling through Slovenia, but due to frequent traffic jams in front of the Karavanke tunnel, they often use the reroute through Italy (Villach - Udine - Triest - Koper - Umag). If you decide to use that route, you can find detailed instructions on our site and avoid paying for the vignette in Slovenia. https://adriacamps.com/en/news/how-to-avoid-slovenian-vignette-your-way-to-croatia/. If you want to visit one of the Croatian islands, you can check the timetable on the official website of the carrier. For the island of Rab, this is the company Rapska Plovidba http://www.rapska-plovidba.hr/ , and Jadrolinija is in charge of other Croatian islands https://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/home . Some ferries cannot be reserved in advance, so we recommend that you come to the ferry terminal in time so you can secure a place for the desired travel time. Although most guests decide to come to Croatia by car, it is also possible to arrive by air, train and bus. The main airports are located in major cities of the individual regions: Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.
How long can I stay at a mobile home in Croatia?
European nationals, who enter Croatia as tourists and want to stay in a mobile home, can stay in Croatia for a maximum of 90 days (up to three months). A stay is allowed for any period of 180 days. Keep in mind that 90 days of stay can be used all at once or repeatedly.
Is Croatia a safe country?
Croatia is one of the safest countries you can visit, and the crime rate is very low. In tourist places in the summer months when larger crowds appear, there is the possibility of pickpockets appearing, just as in other European countries. In such places, be careful and take care of your personal belongings. Apart from that, you can feel very safe in Croatia.
What documents do I need to carry with me to enter Croatia?
It is important to note that from 1.1.2023 there are no border control with Slovenia and Hungary - the Republic of Croatia is now part of the Schengen Area. If you are entering Croatia from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will still have to pass border control. You need an ID or passport, a driver's license, the vehicle's registration documents and a valid vehicle insurance certificate to enter Croatia. Even though your ID card or passport are not required to cross the border, you will still need to bring them with you in order to check-in to your mobile home at the campsite reception.
What are the highways in Croatia like?
The highway in Croatia can be easily recognized as it is marked with the capital letter A. The road network in Croatia is generally of high quality, and the highways are modern, well maintained and the directions are clearly marked. Unpaved roads exist only in the farthest areas and on the smallest islands. In Croatia, the speed limit is 50 km/h in inhabited areas, 90 km/h outside inhabited areas, 110 km/h on fast roads and 130 km/h on highways.
Do I need to purchase a highway vignette in Croatia?
Unlike Slovenia and Austria, where you are required to purchase a vignette, the highway in Croatia is paid for at tool booths at the exits. Payment can be made with cash (€) or card. The prices depend on the season, the category of vehicles and the number of miles traveled on the route in question.
What part of Croatia is less crowded during the summer season?
In the summer months, traffic on Croatian roads usually increased. Traffic jams reach their peak in July and August (and on weekends in the summer months) due to a higher number of arrivals/departures of tourists. That is why we recommend staying in a mobile home in Croatia in the pre- and postseason, and if you are flexible, to arrive and leave during weekdays, not over the weekend. To avoid waiting in traffic jams, we recommend that you inform yourself about the situation on the road and ferry traffic via the Croatian automobile association (HAK). - https://www.hak.hr/info/stanje-na-cestama/?lang=en#traffic-flow-and-road-conditions
What types of mobile homes can I find in campsites in Croatia?
There are several types of mobile homes available in Croatia, varying in size, capacity, equipment and location. Mobile homes in Croatia usually have a capacity of 4+2 persons, although it is also possible to find large family mobile homes with a capacity of 6+2 persons. Some campsites also offer one-bedroom mobile homes, which are ideal for couples looking for a quiet and romantic holiday. Pets are allowed in most mobile homes for an extra charge according to the current price list. Some mobile homes are located in smaller villages within the campsite. These villages have limited traffic and usually have a swimming pool which is only available to guests of the village. Some campsites also offer luxury camping villas - these are often close to the sea and guests have access to a private pool/jacuzzi. However, if you want to be close to nature without giving up the luxury and comfort of a glamping tent, then this is the ideal choice for you.
What are the most commonly found facilities in mobile homes in campsites in Croatia?
Most mobile homes in Croatia have a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, air conditioning and a spacious covered terrace. Mobile homes are available with one, two or three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. The kitchens in all mobile homes are fully equipped with tableware and kitchen utensils. The terraces are mostly covered and can be completely enclosed with deck chairs and loungers. Most of the glamping tents in Croatia also have their own bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room and a spacious terrace. You can find all the information about the facilities of the mobile homes and glamping tents on the page of the camp of your choice, by clicking on 'Show all features' with the accommodation unit you are interested in.
Is it necessary to book a mobile home in Croatian campsites in advance?
Guests of mobile homes happily choose Croatia as the destination for their next vacation. Due to the popularity of Croatia among guests of mobile homes, it is recommended to book accommodation well in advance. It should be noted that mobile homes of higher categories in family campsites are sold out in the high season (July and August) by the end of March. It is recommended that you make a reservation during the early booking period (November-February). This way you can get great early booking discounts and you will be able to book your accommodation at the best prices.
What are the booking policies for mobile homes and cancellation?
Since January 2023, the official currency in Croatia is the euro (€). Some mobile homes require you to to make an advance payment or pay the total amount upfront. The advance payment or the total amount paid is deducted from the final amont to pay at the reception of the campsite. For some mobile homes you will need to provide your credit card details. In this case the credit card serves as a reservation guarantee and booking confirmation. Most campsites allow free cancellation of mobile home bookings up to a few days before arrival. Some campsites do not allow free cancellation and will keep the advance payment or charge the credit card for a predefined cancellation fee. You can find all booking and cancellation details for the mobile home you are interested in within the first step of the booking process.
What activities are available to guests of mobile homes at campsites in Croatia?
All guests of mobile homes in Croatia can enjoy equipped sanitary facilities, restaurants in campsites, and most of them also have bars, small shops and bakeries. In addition to the listed facilities, campsites by the sea have well maintained beaches. Certain parts of the beaches are suitable for pets or for naturists. Most campsites in Croatia have an animation program for children and adults staying in mobile homes. The animation program itself is in a reduced form in the pre- and post-season. The full animation program runs from mid-June to mid-September, and it is usually free of charge. In addition to animation, the campsites offer a variety of sports. Most campsites have a large selection of sports facilities (volleyball, football, tennis, basketball courts, etc.), outdoor gyms, mini golf, etc. If you want to try other attractive activities, we recommend a handful of water sports, such as kayaking, surfing, diving, sailing and etc.
What are the rules pew owners need to be aware of in Croatian campsites?
Pet owners are obliged to report their pets to the reception with the necessary veterinary documentation. Also, they are obliged to keep the dogs on a leash and keep them tied up in their area. The emergency for pets obliged to clean the owners. Pet stays are not allowed in a restaurant, shop, reception, pool area and on the beach part. Pets can stay and swim only on them intended for the beach, and staying and swimming on other parts of the beach, among other swimmers, is strictly forbidden. Most of the camps in Croatia are five-friendly, and so pet stays in mobile homes is allowed. Pets are further charged (as a rule per day) according to the valid price list of the Camp for the current year.
Is tap water safe for drinking in Croatia?
Croatia boasts excellent quality of natural water. Tap water is safe for drinking throughout Croatia, so there is no need to buy bottled water.
What are the most important phone numbers in Croatia?
Just like in other countries of the world, there are telephone numbers which are useful to know during your stay in a mobile home in Croatia:

• 112 (+385 112) is a unique number for emergency services which are used in Croatia. It is available free of charge from all public telephone networks, any time of day and night. This is the number which encompasses the services of urgent medical assistance, fire, police, mountain rescue services, urgent veterinary assistance and other services and operational forces of protection and rescue.

• 192 (+385 192) Police

• 193 (+385 193) Fire

• 194 (+385 194) Ambulance services/urgent medical assistance

• 1987 (+385 1 1987) Emergency road assistance

• 195 (+385 1 195) National centre for sea search and rescue

• 11888 (+385 1 11888) Information on local and inter-city telephone numbers

• 11802 (+385 1 11802) Information on international telephone numbers

• 060 520 520 (+385 60 520 520) Weather forecast and road conditions


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