Bathed in warm Mediterranean sun, Croatia is bordered by snowy tops of the Alps in the north-west, the banks of the Danube River in the east and the Adriatic Sea along the entire coast in the south-west. The sea, rocky mountains, islands, forests, rivers, green hills and golden plains are enfolded within the unique position of Croatia.

Thanks to its position, Croatia, a country of a thousand islands – as they sometimes use this name of endearment for it, is a blend of thousands of years old historical and cultural heritage, unreal natural beauty, top gastronomy, different lifestyles, dialects and mentalities. Its unique national treasure is crowned by eight national parks and eleven parks of nature, while its seven cultural and historical monuments are included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage. At every step, you will come across an unrepeatable experience –a tradition living in the tradition of olive grove and vineyard cultivation, a cultural tradition interwoven by non-material heritage. Should you take a walk along the stone streets of the coastal towns of Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia, the return to history is guaranteed. Should you, on the other hand, decide to follow the green roads of continental Croatia, you will reach fairy-tale castles, country houses and feel the respect for customs, tradition and nature.

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Step onto the paths of tradition and seductive gastronomy

Blending with the indented coast, the sea and Istria form a magic oasis of peace and a place impregnated with tradition, beautiful experiences and a seductive gastronomy. Each part of Istria will tell you a separate story and you will have the impression of forever wandering to and fro between different worlds. Life on the coast has always been closely with the sea, while the inland of Istria became a separate world, where you can come across traces of one-time civilisations and lifestyles.

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Experience the blend of the sea, islands and forests

In the morning hours, sail across island bays and in the afternoon hide yourselves from the bustle and relax in the fragrance of a pine tree forest and a coil of clear rivers and streams! Only in the Kvarner can you ski in winter with a sea view, in summer sail away to intact islands and, in spring, enjoy the view of the Kvarner and Istria from the top of the Učka Mountain!

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Dalmatia – Zadar

Treat yourselves to a three-century-old walk

Should you come to the Zadar region, you will find a place for relaxation where the clear sea gets among the pebble stones, playing the harmony of peace. A place where a many century-old winds of history left records of time, today’s monumental heritage of the region and of the town of Zadar. The tastes, smells and sounds will enchant you, making you fall in love with nature, people, food and music and loving the experience this region offers.

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Dalmatia – Šibenik

Open the treasury of historical monuments and culture

A region where, in a unique way, the blue and the green intertwine, as well as the past and the present, is crowned by numerous titles of natural beauty and heritage of culture and history. One monument is under UNESCO’s protection, two national parks, eleven medieval forts and uncountable experiences have created a treasury of undiscovered secrets in the Šibenik region.

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Dalmatia – Split

Go along the Diocletian’s paths

Ancient places, new tales. The Diocletian’s Split, the attractive island of Šolta and islandof Hvar, the adventurous town of Omiš are merely a part of the experience of the town of Split. This is an exceptional region, to whose exclusiveness, apart from natural beauty, contribute numerous historical tales and cultural heritage, tradition and customs. Their blend makes this region an empire where true diversities perfectly marry.

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The Dubrovnik region

Dive into the adventure of the exotic south

Absorb the fragrance of citrus fruit, the taste of the sea and views of towns of irresistible charm! This is a region where stone, as the main ruler of the streets, has proudly been imprinting its stamp on the façades of palaces, villas and churches for hundreds of years. Short-term visits to the Dubrovnik region are really impossible, as each location will conquer you by its history, crystal clear sea, unusual meals and top wines.

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Lika, Senj and Karlovac

Abandon yourselves to the area of mystical attraction

In the whole area of the region, different shades of forests and meadows alternate, enriched by the play of stone and water, complemented by underground speleological structures. This is a region of the wolf and the bear, the homeland of a strong wind – the bora wind, a region of green forests and rugged mountains. Simply, a landscape of magic of karst and water.

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Continental Croatia

Enrich yourselves with tradition and customs

Green fields, complemented by tame hills and golden Slavonian plains, adorn Continental Croatia – a region of vineyards, thermal spas, medieval castles, tradition, customs and fertile soil. Experience quiet and pleasant atmosphere in green surroundings, where romantic castles, medieval manor houses and country houses found their home. A spacious golden plain, shaped by the strength of powerful rivers and refreshing forests, emerged from the fertile Pannonia, is the home of the harmonious Slavonia.

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The islands of Croatia

Experience the fairy-tale told along the Adriatic Sea

Stone, olive and vine are the basis of existence in the islands. Hardworking hands have been cultivating them for centuries in order for them to become a fadeless island tradition today. Should you abandon yourselves to the Mediterranean tale of the Croatian islands, you will be greeted by the fragrant tranquillity of indigenous plants and pine trees!

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