Beaches in Croatia

The indented coastline of Croatia hides many deep blue bays and beaches, bathed in clean and clear sea. Look for a beach for escape from boredom, a beach for escape from stress, or a spot for endless enjoyment!

You are looking for a white lagoon, inebriated with the fragrance of the Mediterranean vegetation? You are looking for a beach where you can enjoy sipping cocktails and socialising with your friends? You are looking for a place to build sand castles with your youngsters and have fun in shallow water? On Croatian beaches, you will find everything you wish for.

Kvarner | Adria Camps

For the whole family

Spend a fun day on the beach

Shallow sea, castles in the sand and children’s excited voices adorn the beaches which we have chosen. Covered in fine pebbles, they are as if made for children’s play in the sun. Apart from easy entry into the sea, on these beaches you will find children’s playgrounds, but also shade for your youngsters’ afternoon rest.

Beach Zlatni Rat | Adria Camps

Sandy beaches

like from the Caribbean

Although indented and abundant in numerous bays, the Adriatic coast hides just a few real sandy beaches. Whether you wish to relax in the sun or play some games in shallow water, the Adriatic sand beaches will delight you with their uniqueness.

party at the beaches | Adria Camps

Fun on the beach

for unforgettable good times

Apart from the rustling sound of the waves, on these beaches you can also enjoy the sounds of music and water sport attractions. Have a go at parasailing, jet-ski, banana boat or tube ride with your friends. Should you decide to keep to the shallow water – inflate your lilo, grab a cocktail and rest in the sea.

Sandy beach | Adria Camps


just nature and you

To the exclusivity of the Adriatic coast also contributes a series of secluded small spots that can be reached by descending the cliffs or by boat – and it’s worth every effort. Intact nature, clean azure sea and isolation adorn the beaches which we have chosen. Does one need anything else for relaxation by the sea?

Clear sea | Adria Camps

Naturist beaches

take off your stress

Forget your swimsuits and clothes! On naturist beaches you can thoroughly enjoy the bonding between a man and nature. Apart from in the naturist centres, you can find your own small naturist corner of the coast by exploring the inaccessible lagoons of the Adriatic.

Pet frendly at the beaches | Adria Camps

For pets

as there’ll be no end to their joy

Would you like to take you pet on holiday with you? They can freely jump into the sea and enjoy the sea refreshment on the following beaches. Take a towel and a ball and check the choice of beaches for pets.