The island of mysticism

Greek myths and legends were also told about this very island


Experience nature

Exceptional for its two salt water lakes and an islet in the middle of the island, the island of Mljet carries the title of a national park


The green oasis

The greenest Croatian island is covered in dense conifer and Aleppo pine tree forests

Mljet, an intact island of unique natural phenomena, will introduce you into the world of secrets and legends, which will, from the very beginning, tickle your imagination and awaken you to go and explore the worlds of heroes, warriors and myths.

The north-west part of the island of Mljet is proclaimed a national park and is special for the two salt water lakes and many endemic and endangered species. Should you visit it, a lake in the middle of the island will materialise before you and, in the lake, the small island of Saint Mary, with a Benedictine monastery from the 12th century. A scene as though cut out of the most beautiful fairy tales, isn’t it?

You have surely heard of the Greek hero Ulysses and his maritime adventure. It is on the island of Mljet that the Greek mythology will be served to you in the palm of your hand. Why? According to the legend, following a shipwreck, Ulysses got stranded on the picturesque island of Mljet, where the goddess of silence, tranquillity and beauty, the nymph Calipso, captured him. Having fallen in love with Ulysses, she kept him in a cave for seven years, until she freed him upon the order of Zeus. The most famous landmark of this story is the Ulysses’ Cave, filled with the sea and connected with the open sea by a natural tunnel. Dive into the cave or visit it in a small boat and enjoy the afternoon reflection of the sun in the sea.

Should you visit the island during the summer months, you will have an opportunity to enjoy an event which, by the natural beauty of the island, adds musical notes and theatre scenes. The most attractive place is surely the islet of St. Mary, which, during the event, becomes a stage under the stars.

An island suitable for all kinds of holidays, active, Robinson, or gourmand, will embrace you with its warmth at any time of the year. Come and decide for yourselves whether Ulysses really fell in love with the beautiful nymph, or with the beauty of the mystical green oasis, immersed in the Adriatic.