History engraved in stone

Discover the secrets of Colentum, a town built during the flourishing period of the Roman Empire


Experience nature

Like pearls scattered around the sea, the National Park Kornati delights with its karst beauty


Alluring bays

Fine pebble and the turquoise colour of the sea at the Čigrađa bay lure to bathing

An island which almost, with its shores, touches the mainland shore, to which it is connected by a 12 metre long drawbridge and, thanks to its vicinity to the Kornati National Park and many other numerous islands and cliffs, it is a favourite destination of yachtsmen, but also of all lovers of peaceful holidays.

Numerous historical remains from the Roman Empire speak about the importance of the Island of Murter and the island is mentioned for the first time under the name of Colentum. It is of a typical antique architecture, narrow streets paved with stone slabs, thermal baths and other features of ancient cities. The ancient city of Colentum is today mostly covered by the sea and a part of the ruins along the coast was restored, although the city never returned to its former glory. Go to Colentum and, in your mind, return to the antique times – with villas facing the sea, dotted across a terraced slope.

As with the majority of the Dalmatian islands, the barren and shabby earth of Murter has become an attraction and its isolated and clean bays, one of many reasons for visits, its rich cultural heritage, a priceless value for both the island inhabitants and visitors. In the Murter Sea, a vast sea area between the Šibenik and Zadar archipelago, there are numerous islands and cliffs, hidden from human eyes and influences. It is there, among all those numerous islands that one very special one lies, the islet of Prišnjak, from which proudly rises the most beautiful lighthouse in the Murter archipelago. Sail from the coast of Murter and have a peek at the beauty of the islets and the lighthouse! Let your company be their unobtrusive and harmless dwellers, wild rabbits and endemic lizards that will, together with you, enjoy the indescribable sunsets and starry nights! Should you enjoy yourselves in the sunset on the island of Prišnjak, you are bound to get curious and discover what the massive karst, behind which the sun immerses into the sea, is called. You will also be able to visit it! We are talking about the Kornati National Park, a rocky archipelago without drinking water; the most densely located in the Mediterranean. Apart from abounding in rocks, the Kornati islands are of particular importance for the natural heritage, as they are a habitat of many plant and animal species. In the fragrant pine wood forest, by the beach, Camping Rehut is also situated, which will make your holiday unforgettable with its special features!

Although situated in the vicinity of the coastline, the island of Murter abounds in many hidden bays, which will seduce you and introduce you into a Mediterranean way of living. Camping at Camping Jezera Village will give you a true experience of the Adriatic, where, while looking at the sea, you can also enjoy the fragrant tranquillity of the Mediterranean herbage. Meet people, their lifestyle, the cultural heritage they are proud of, but also the natural treasure which can be found on both the island itself and the surrounding islands.