In the embrace of nature

The magic harmony of nature is combined in the bay of Telašćica – islets, the lake and cliffs which are cascading into the sea


You have to experience

Bathing in the bay of Sakarun will stick forever in your mind


The tastes of the tradition

Taste the island delicacies, cultivated on the stone and dried in the bora wind

Although, due to its magical landscape and plush nature, a more adequate name for it would be the Divine Island, Dugi otok, in its name, actually describes its geographical appearance and length. It can also be called an island of singularities or an island of contrasts – in its southern part, it protects the Telaščica Nature Park with enchanting rocks, while picturesque bays anchored quietly in its northern part look out to the open sea.

You must see and experience Dugi otok fully. Begin from the south and start acquainting yourselves with the island in the uninhabited Telašćica bay, preserved in its natural condition and within which there are 6 islands and rocks, 25 bays and 69 km of indented coastline. The experience you will have in the Telašćica bay will be complemented by a large number of endemic plant species, as well as by domestic animals, such as donkeys, strolling freely around in this area.

Carry on due north in order to reach the cave Strašna peć, where the tranquillity and harmony on one side and formidable beauty of the cave on the other, will give you an exciting and romantic experience to remember.

You are pining for the sea and lazing about on the beach? The island beauty, Sakarun beach, is waiting for you and it will wrap you with a veil of serenity by the clarity of its sea and the whiteness of its sands. The azure sea, which changes colour depending on the time of the day, bathes the glittering sand and touches deep green pine trees on the shore. Is there a more beautiful scene? Sakarun, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, calms down its visitors, inviting them to return.

In the very north of Dugi otok, the Veli rat lighthouse set up its camp, special for its yellow façade, for which, according to legend, 100.000 eggs were used. Climb to the top of the stone lighthouse and witness the view spreading before you from the largest lighthouse in the Adriatic.

Round off your visit to Dugi otok by tasting some of the local Dalmatian specialities in one of the taverns-konobas, keep to yourselves all the beauty you absorbed on Dugi otok, or share it with your friends and return to it in even larger numbers and Dugi otok will host you with its love and beauty.