Mystical nature

Get to know all the faces of the island of Cres's nature – the Vrana Lake and the griffon vultures


Beaches to wish for

The island of Cres is bursting with secluded white bays, bathed in clear and clean sea


The taste of the island

Taste the Cres lamb, sheep's cheese and olive oil

Cres is an island which, by its position, closes the Kvarner Bay and, in sight, expands as far as the Istrian peninsula. Its indented coast is rich in quiet bays and robust steep rocks. With the bathed sound of the sea, across the island of Cres spreads out the fragrance of island aromatic plants and sights which, from the heights, absorb the contours of the other islands of the Adriatic.

In the heart of the hilly island inland area, your breath will be taken by a most beautiful view of the Vrana Lake, a 74.5 metre deep lake, rich in plant and animal life. As the Vrana Lake is a huge natural reservoir of drinking water at the same time, access to it is strictly forbidden.

Get to know the island through its small towns! Some of them are perched on robust rocks, some in secluded bays. Sheltered from the mighty sea, the town of Cres is marked by exciting history which has left valuable landmarks and proofs of past times. Take a walk along a labyrinth of narrow streets, surrounded by tall houses, which lean one onto another, as if resting from the turbulent past. A visit to the village of Orlec is inevitable. It is to that very village that the island owes its exclusivity, as the last habitat of the griffon vulture is situated there, a bird of prey, whose spread wing span is a sight you must not miss. Should you fancy seeing it, the perfect time for a visit to the island is October, as this is the time of their wedding flight and this is when couples spend their time together, flying one next to another.

Although there is no connection whatsoever with juicy water melons, with which we refresh ourselves during hot summer months, this is a place which will offer you a different, perhaps even a better, kind of refreshment. Lubenice (Water melons) is a place anchored on a 378 metre-high rock, from which your sight will expand as far as the Vrana Lake and the sea-bathed coast of Istria. Refreshing, isn’t it? Lower your sights towards the sea and you will see an unimaginable palette of colours: the gentleness of green pine trees and the whiteness of pebbles, bathed in the freshness of the turquoise sea. That bay beneath the small town is a silent suffering for all, as reaching it is a true adventure. Although this is only a small island settlement, you will experience the climax of culture exactly here, relaxing at Lubenice musical Evenings, a music event which encompasses different musical eras, from the renaissance to klapa singing.

Sing in Lubenice, encompass with your sight the calmness of the lake and the turbulence of the sea that washes against the rock beneath the settlement. Enjoy the flight of griffon vultures and remember what you experienced on this island as one is sure you will be tempted to return to Cres!