An inexhaustible chest of history

Did you know that the Hvar theatre is one of the oldest in the history of theatres?


A protected singularity

The Stari Grad plain, the Hvar agave leaves lace and the procession ''Za križen'' are under UNESCO's patronage


An island among islets

Sail from island to island – the town of Hvar is surrounded by low woody islets, from which linger the fragrances of lavender, sage and mint

The sunny island of Hvar, of an elongated shape and situated in the picturesque surroundings of the Adriatic Sea, almost dived into the mouth of the Neretva River with its peaky end. The attractiveness of the island was recognised also by numerous families from the town of Pharos in the Aegean Sea, when, way back in 385 BC, they established their colony. It is after the name of their town Pharos that the island of Hvar bears its present name. The island, bathed in sun, is an ideal location where you can take a peek into an inexhaustible chest of historical heritage, plush nature and numerous adventures.

When you step onto the island of Hvar, breathe in the fragrances of salt and lavender, taste the fruits of the Stari Grad Plain, forget your everyday life and let the island’s harmonious beauty introduce you to its story and the life on it. There is great probability that you will, from the mainland, arrive directly in Stari Grad and become a part of the story which has lasted for over 2.300 years. This long-lasting story about Stari Grad will take you along its streets, which are surrounded by stone houses, from which the smells of the Dalmatian cuisine will often escape while, on their doorsteps, old fishermen with rough hands make their fishing nets. Do not be surprised; this charming Mediterranean scene is made up of people, who are maintaining the tradition of the islanders’ living.

Should you wish to enjoy that scene, find yourselves a seat at one of numerous Hvar taverns – konobas, tucked into the Stari Grad stone, and treat your palate to the seafood from the Adriatic Sea! Sweeten yourselves with the Starogrojski paprenjak and taste Plavac mali, the autochthonous Dalmatian sort of wine. Ecological cultivation of olives and vine, which has been practiced for centuries in almost the same way, generates a high quality olive oil and top rich aroma wine drops.

The fortified summer residence of Petar Hektorović – Tvrdalj is an inevitable stop on your visit to Stari Grad. Being constructed during the whole poet Hektorović’s lifetime, the idea of microcosmos – a small, enclosed world in which all living creatures (fish, birds, plants and people) have their living space, was realised there. Apart from the rounded up cosmos, Tvrdalj is also a stone-book, where over 20 inscriptions in Latin and Croatian languages are engraved. Let this become your cultural sanctuary, too!

Apart from Stari Grad, you will also find the town of Hvar in this package, a carefully ground jewel on the southern side of the island, which patiently absorbs every sunray which fondles its stone frontages. This is a part of the Adriatic where you can travel from island to island, from century to century. Why not head for the Paklinski islands? Divinely scattered around the clear sea, they keep watch at the entrance to the port of the town of Hvar.

Listen to the peace of secretive bays, smell the extensive fields of lavender and aromatic herbage, vineyards and olive groves and it will become clear to you why the island of Hvar was proclaimed one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world!

Touch the stone in which centuries are engraved, taste the sweet and aromatic tradition of the island! A unique harmony of men, nature and time, which dwells on the island of Hvar and has created an oasis of culture and inspiration for a perfect holiday.