General terms of provision of accommodation services

Access to the Gaveia d.o.o. company website is subject to the terms and conditions quoted below. Any use of the Gaveia d.o.o. company website following uploading and carrying out the booking of accommodation will be considered as agreement to the following legal terms.

1. Content of General terms of provision of accommodation services

The General terms of provision of accommodation services form an integral part pf the contract between the company Gaveia d.o.o., as a travel agency and a guest who accepts a selected tourist service. All that is quoted in the General terms of provision of accommodation services represents a legal basis for both the guest and the company Gaveia d.o.o. The General terms of provision of accommodation services are posted on the Gaveia d.o.o. company Internet website. The company Gaveia d.o.o. provides the service of camping accommodation in Croatia exclusively as an intermediary. All information, data and photographs related to the accommodation facilities company Gaveia d.o.o. has collected from the end service provider. Although all the information has been checked by company Gaveia d.o.o. staff, company Gaveia d.o.o. does not accept liability for any errors, omissions or delays in updating of that or any other website parts.

2. Categorisation and service description

The accommodation units offered are described according to the official categorisation of the local tourist organisation at the time of issue of the permit for work. Information which guests obtain at other selling points do not oblige the company Gaveia d.o.o. any more than the information posted on our website, catalogue or other printed company materials. The company Gaveia d.o.o. is not in a position to confirm the availability of a specific pitch, mobile home or glamping tent, but will do its best to meet any additional request for accommodation. When booking, it is necessary to enter a comment with your specific wishes, which will then be forwarded to the campsite reception for consideration.

3. Accommodation price

The service prices are shown with each accommodation unit and include the services which are described alongside the unit from the reservation. Special services are services provided by the accommodation unit, but they are not included in the price; guests will, therefore, charged extra for them, as a separate service. Should you ask for special services when checking in, they will be added to the price of the accommodation service and entered in the total calculation.
Accommodation unit prices are quoted in euros. On January 1, 2023, the Euro is the official currency in Croatia, and all payments can be made in the Euro currency. The company Gaveia d.o.o. reserves the right to change the posted prices in the event of a change in accommodation prices by the service provider.

4. Making a booking

It is possible to make a booking for the desired accommodation on the Gaveia d.o.o. company website and in that case, the guest accepts the terms of booking and the cancellation policy set by the service provider – the campsite or agency. When making a booking, guests are required to provide accurate data, both for them and all other persons in their company, requested by the reservation centre or by the online booking system. Once the booking has been made, guests confirm having been acquainted with these General terms of provision of accommodation services, which they have previously read carefully, studied and they accept them in their entirety. Thus everything stated in these General terms of provision of accommodation services becomes legally binding both for the guests and the company. The company places at the contractor’s disposal corresponding promotional material or programmes in either printed or electronic form, provides him/her with all relevant information related to the service, as well as providing him/her or drawing his/her attention to the General terms of provision of accommodation services, which form an integral part of this Contract. The company Gaveia d.o.o. does not take responsibility for the truthfulness of the data provided by guests on booking requests. In the event of data untruthfulness, the company Gaveia d.o.o. reserves the right to change the prices and charge the difference in price on the spot.

5. Booking confirmation and payment

When booking accommodation units on the Gaveia d.o.o. company website, the guest accepts the terms of booking and the cancellation policy set by the service provider – the campsite or agency. After the booking, the guest will receive booking confirmation where the exact service booked, the period, the methods of payment (bank transfer or credit card) and exact amounts of deposit and bank account information are shown, as well as possibilities for cancellation and changes to the booking. The booking confirmation serves as proof of the service booking. Guests are obliged to hand over the booking confirmation upon arrival at the campsite and, on the grounds of the booking confirmation, they will receive the services booked. If more persons come to the booked accommodation than stated on the travel documents (booking confirmation), the service provider reserves the right to deny accommodation to unannounced guests or to accept such guests at an extra charge on the spot. By paying for their booking, guests confirm that they are fully acquainted with all the characteristics and General terms of provision of accommodation services under which a specific accommodation unit has been offered to them. By paying for their booking, guests confirm that they accept the General terms of provision of accommodation services. By paying for the booked services, all that is stated therein in itself becomes legally binding for both the guests and the company Gaveia d.o.o.

Statement on using WSPay

Company Gaveia d.o.o. uses WSPay for online payments. WSPay is a secure online payment system, real-time payments, credit and debit cards, and other payment methods. Thanks to the PCI DSS Compliance, the WSPay ensures secure enrollment and transfer of the card data between the customer and the merchant. WSPay uses 256-bit encryption SSL certificate and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest degree of data protection and data security.


On January 1st, 2023, the Euro is the official currency in Croatia, and all payments can be made in the Euro currency.

6. Company Gaveia d.o.o.’s right to changes and cancellation

The company Gaveia d.o.o. is obliged to ensure accommodation to guests in the booked accommodation units, at the booked period, apart from in exceptional circumstances beyond its control (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disruptions, pandemics, adverse weather conditions, local authority restrictions and similar). The company Gaveia d.o.o. can suggest changes to the booked accommodation or to fully or partly cancel booked capacities if prior to, or during the holiday period, exceptional circumstance beyond its control should occur and which cannot be avoided or removed. If such circumstances occurred at the time of programme posting and sale, the company Gaveia d.o.o. would, justifiably, not post it or receive enquiries or confirmations of booking of the said accommodation units. Should guests pay the full amount for bookings which the company Gaveia d.o.o. cannot fulfil (online or due to incorrect offer), guests will be offered an alternative. If the company Gaveia d.o.o. is able to offer guests an alternative, the change of the booked accommodation can be carried out only with the guests’ approval. The offered alternative must be of the same or higher quality as the booked accommodation. In the event that a guest accepts the alternative offered and if it is more expensive, he/she is obliged to pay the difference. If the alternative is less expensive, company Gaveia d.o.o. will reimburse the guest with the difference in price. The company Gaveia d.o.o. is obliged to advise all guests who have confirmed their arrival by paying for the booked services of any change in the booking or cancellation, immediately following the occurrence of exceptional circumstances beyond its control and, failing to find an alternative accommodation, reimburse them the amounts paid, reduced by company administrative costs.

7. Guests’ right of travel change and cancellation

All booking changes is possible to make with the reservation centre of Gaveia d.o.o. company. The instructions on how to change or cancel the booking made can be found in the booking confirmation which guest receive on his own e-mail address. A change includes change in the number of persons or the date of the start and/or end of service consumption prior to the commencement of service consumption. The first booking change is free, and each subsequent change is charged at 25 € per change. In the event that a change of booking is not possible and if a guest should, as a result, withdraw the confirmed booking, the cancellation terms and conditions listed in the booking confirmation will be applicable.

If a guest fails to reach the booked accommodation unit by midnight on the date of the commencement of the service and did not previously advise either the company or the service provider, the booking will be considered as cancelled and the cancellation fees will be calculated as quoted in the booking confirmation. In the event that the actual cancellation costs surpass the costs quoted in the booking confirmation, the company reserves the right to charge for the actual costs. The company will not compensate guests for costs incurred for procurement of travel documents or visas, related to the booking which the guest is cancelling. In the event of no-show without previous booking cancellation, the full booking amount will be charged.

8. Traveller’s obligations

A guest is obliged to:

  • hold valid travel documents. Bear any cost of document loss or theft during the journey
  • respect the Republic of Croatia customs and foreign currency regulations, as well as of those countries in which a guest stays in the course of his/her journey
  • observe the house rules in the rented accommodation unit, as well as cooperate with the service providers in good faith
  • upon arrival in the rented accommodation unit, present the service provider with confirmation or a voucher with the exact stated number of persons and type of services which have to be rendered to him/her.

Should guests fail to observe the above obligations, they will bear the costs, and will be held responsible, for the damage caused. Upon confirmation of the booking, guests are obliged to, should they cause any damage, compensate the service provider for any damage caused on the spot.

9. Resolving complaints and reclamations

Each guest – holder of the company-guest Contract – has the right to complain in the event of unfulfilled contractual service. In the event that the services from the offer are provided in a poor quality manner, guests may request proportional compensation in the manner that they submit a written complaint and and reclamation. Each guest has the right to complain about an undelivered paid service. Each guest – holder of the confirmed booking – submits his/her complaint and reclamation individually. Guests are obliged to, on the date of their arrival, immediately report inadequate service to the service provider’s representative and also to advise the company Gaveia d.o.o. or its authorised representative. First of all, guests are obliged to inform the service provider and, together with them, attempt to find a satisfactory solution. Guests are obliged to cooperate with service providers and the company in good faith in order to remove the causes of complaints and reclamations. If guests accept the solution offered for their complaints and reclamations on the spot, which corresponds to the paid service, it will no longer be binding for the company to subsequently accept any related complaint and reclamation. Any complaints and reclamations after the day of arrival and during the stay, the guest is obliged to report to the service provider during the stay and at the latest upon departure (check out). All subsequent complaints and reclamations after departure from the facility the company Gaveia d.o.o. will not accept. The maximum compensation for each complaint and reclamation may amount to the cost of the part of the service which have complained about and cannot include already consumed services, or the full service amount. Hereby the guests’ rights to be fully compensated for the entire amount of the services provided are excluded. The company cannot be held liable for possible climatic conditions, cleanliness or temperature of the sea in destinations, or any other similar circumstances and occurrences which may make guests dissatisfied and which are not directly related to the quality of the booked accommodation units (for example, adverse weather conditions, poor beach, too great a distance between the accommodation and the public beaches, traffic congestion, theft or damage to guests’ property and similar). The company Gaveia d.o.o. does not accept complaints and reclamations related to bookings at specially discounted prices, so-called last minute deals. The guests and the company will attempt to solve any disputes emanating from this Contract amicably, failing which the matter will be taken for consideration before the Municipal Court in Pula, with the application of the Croatian law currently in force. The guest can send a complaint (related to the product or dissatisfaction with the company’s service) to the address or send it by mail to the address Gaveia d.o.o., Rijeke Raše 7, 52466 Novigrad, with the indication “Complaint about services and products” or by phone to the number +49 89 262 004 318. In the complaint, we ask guests to state the reservation or invoice number and description of the complaint, so that the company can respond to the complaint as quickly as possible. A guest who timely and properly informed the company about the defect and it is determined that the complaint is justified has rights in accordance with the Obligatory Relations Act, including the right to unilateral termination of the contract with a refund or replacement.

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