For campers in Croatia

The ever increasing desire for enjoyment in nature, socialising with people, return to primeval values, without sacrificing the usual civilisation achievements, made camping, which, above all, is a lifestyle. Formerly closely associated with campfires and stays in tents in the open, but nowadays the world of camping has greatly changed. Learn in what way!


Although the beginnings of camping go back as far as the 19th century, this way of spending holidays was particularly popularised in the course of the 20th century, while, today, a different and a more modern style of camping and stays in nature has been created. Initially scarce and arranged in a minimalistic fashion, with a more modest offer, campsites attracted by natural oases and intact wilderness. A perfect paradise for all those adventurists pining for nature! Up to now, many things have changed in the world of camping. Following the guests’ challenges and needs, the campsite offer is at an envious level – mobile homes, glamping tents, swimming pools, water parks, animation and wellness centres. As from the year 2016, Croatia has been a proud host to the first 5-star campsite. The tradition of camping in Croatia itself has lasted over 40 years and, during that period, following all the challenges, it has developed into a recognisable camping destination.


In Croatia, you can find a campsite to suit everyone. The choice is ample – from small family campsites, ideal for stays with children, to large camping resorts with a multitude of facilities. Should also you wish to take with you your pets, apart from permitted stays for them at campsites, pet friendly campsites in Croatia also provide numerous facilities for your pets. Have a go at camping in spring, autumn or winter. The doors of some Croatian campsites are open throughout the year.

The freedom and bonding with the intact nature, the sea and islands are the main characteristics of the naturist campsites of Croatia. Take off your stress and jump into the Adriatic sea!


Even the classical pitches are no longer what they used to be. Arranged, in the vicinity of the sea, equipped with all the necessary infrastructure (electricity, water and drainage), SAT TV, barbecues, pagodas and Wi-Fi, the pitches offer a unique feeling of staying in nature, without having to sacrifice the usual comforts of civilisation. You don’t own a camper van or caravan? Or, you simply are not a person for sleeping in a tent? Creating the story about comfortable and luxurious camping, there are numerous campsites in Croatia which have fitted mobile homes in their offer – fitted with modern equipment and developing themed villages around themselves – family, Mediterranean, fishing and Istrian. Apart from the mobile homes, campsites also offer the feeling of glamping – glamourous camping. Glamping tents are a perfect choice for all those who wish to experience nature in a different way – always first hand, but with an inevitable dose of luxury and comfort.


Arranged and fitted with modern equipment, the campsites in Croatia, along with different types of accommodation, will also offer you numerous accompanying facilities. In the majority of campsites, you will find fun at the swimming pools, sports centres and with animation teams. Some campsites have raised their offer accompanying facilities to an envious level, offering entertainment in water parks, schools of sailing, diving and horse riding, relaxation at wellness centres and adrenaline fun with water sports. With numerous entertainment facilities for all age groups, at the campsites, you can also find autochthonous restaurants offering the specialities from the areas you are staying in. Sanitary points, fitted with modern equipment, at some campsites also feature dishwashers and laundry washing and drying machines and you can also rent your own private bathroom.


You have acquainted yourselves with Croatian campsites and with all they offer? How to choose a campsite for your holiday? Learn more about the Croatian regions and the campsites which are situated there. Should you opt for camping in Istria or at Kvarner, take advantage of the plush green coastline, bathed in the Adriatic sea! Choose the Mediterranean sun and the benefits of nature for yourselves and your family and camp in Dalmatia. Surrounded by the sea on all sides, abandon yourselves to camping on the islands. Although the majority of campsites are situated on the Adriatic coast, there are also campsites which enjoy the beauty of the mystical green nature of Continental Croatia.


Because Croatia, the country of a thousand islands – as they like to call it, is a blend of a thousand year-old historical and cultural heritage, unreal natural beauty, top quality gastronomy, different lifestyles, dialects and mentalities. It has crowned its unique natural beauty with eight national parks and eleven parks of nature, while its seven monuments of culture have joined the UNESCO world heritage list. At every step, you will pass through an unrepeatable experience – the tradition which lives in the cultivation of olives and vineyards, a cultural tradition impregnated with non-material heritage. Should you take a walk along the stone streets of the coastal towns of Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia, your return to history is guaranteed. Should you, on the other hand, follow the green roads of Continental Croatia, you will reach the fairy tale castles, country houses and feel the respect for customs, tradition and nature.