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The land of a thousand islands, Croatia, is located in the south-east of Europe and is one of the most popular camping destinations in Europe. The reason for this is not only the endless Adriatic coastline, but also the fact that most campsites in Croatia are located by the sea. The campsites in Croatia are among the best-equipped and best-rated campsites in Europe. This is supported by the fact that Croatia has 22 ADAC Superplatz Campsites (8 new additions in 2022 alone). With such a wide range of options, everyone will be able to find something suitable for their needs.

Thanks to the extensive list of facilities, you can combine a relaxing beach holiday with fun for the whole family. There are plenty of facilities for children, such as campsites with pools or even entire water parks, playgrounds, an animation program, sports grounds and much more. One thing is clear – to be bored will not be an option. What's more, Croatia is easily accessible by car from all over Europe. All you have to do is look for a suitable campsite and enjoy your holiday.

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Camping in Croatia – types and facilities

Camping on a pitch in Croatia

Camping in Croatia is primarily possible on designated campsites and pitches. It is recommended to book a pitch in advance, as most campsites are fully booked, especially in the high season. If you are travelling with a camper, it is not allowed to park in a car park and spend the night there – camping out in the wild is not permitted in Croatia and can sometimes result in relatively high fines.

Camping in mobile homes in Croatia

Mobile homes are a type of accommodation in campsites that has recently become increasingly popular. They offer the best of both worlds. If you don’t have a camper or are not yet ready to fully dive into the world of camping, mobile homes are the ideal choice. Mobile homes are also perfect for camping with children or pets. They offer a high level of comfort thanks to their top facilities and location within the campsites. They are often located in quiet areas, there is no or limited traffic and all the amenities for a relaxing family holiday are within easy reach. Mobile homes with pools, playgrounds and various sports fields are an integral part of the camping offer in Croatia. Explore our range of mobile homes and enjoy all the benefits of a holiday in a campsite. You can find more reasons why a mobile home in Croatia is just right for you here.

Glamping in Croatia

If you want to combine camping with luxury and comfort, then glamping in Croatia is just the right choice for you. At many of our campsites you will find glamping tents which, in addition to top facilities, offer a unique connection to nature. You can choose between different capacities, colors and shapes. But there’s one thing most tents have in common – they are located in beautiful natural surroundings. This means you can enjoy all the advantages of a campsite and at the same time enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings while feeling like you are sleeping under the open sky.

Campsites by the sea

The Croatian coastline stretches more than 1,700 kilometres along the Adriatic Sea and that’s not even counting the islands. If we add the more than 1,200 islands and islets in Croatia, we end up with more than 6,000 kilometres of highly indented coastline. It is therefore not surprising that the most beautiful campsites in Croatia are by the sea and in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Whether you are travelling with a camper and looking for a pitch, prefer to stay in a mobile home or perhaps glamping is something for you, Croatia is the ideal destination.

From large camping resorts and 5-star campsites in Istria and Dalmatia to quiet and somewhat smaller campsites there is something for everyone. As already mentioned, Croatia’s camping offer is characterised above all by the fact that most campsites are located directly by the sea. This allows you to experience the best of Croatia – often everything you need is available at the campsite itself and you don’t even have to leave it. However, given the beautiful sights that Croatia has to offer, this would be quite a pity.

Popular camping regions in Croatia


Istria is by far the most popular camping region in Croatia and also the region where you will find the most campsites. Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, located in the north-west of the country on the Adriatic coast and is an ideal destination for guests from Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Germany, as it is relatively easy to reach by car/camper. Thanks to its natural diversity, the region is often referred to as Terra Magica, which means Magical Land. Once you have visited Istria, you will immediately realise why. A picturesque coastline combined with the many idyllic hilltop villages offers an almost magical experience. Some of the most popular destinations include places along the western coast such as Poreč, Rovinj, Pula and Umag and Motovun or Grožnjan, which are located inland. Most campsites in Istria are located in the immediate vicinity of popular holiday destinations. These are often connected to the campsite via a promenade along the coast. This makes Istria ideal for a relaxing family camping holiday, but also for an active holiday. Enjoy walking, jogging or cycling along the coast and discover the hidden coves of the Adriatic and experience Istria from its most beautiful side.

Kvarner Bay and camping on islands

You think you have to travel far for the perfect summer holiday at a campsite? Well, you don’t have to. Camping in Croatia is ideal for a holiday with the whole family. Camping with a dog is also no problem. You can also take your pets with you to most campsites in Croatia. The Kvarner Bay offers fully equipped campsites in natural surroundings. The majority are located on one of the many islands that are particularly worth seeing in this region. These include the islands of Krk, Lošinj and Rab. Some of the campsites in Kvarner are open all year round, making them ideal for a holiday in the early and late season.

Without crowded beaches and traffic jams, Croatia is simply a dream holiday destination. Explore our wide range of campsites in Kvarner Bay and you’re sure to find something that will make everyone leave with a smile on their face. Relaxing, nature, peace and enjoying the beach for you and pools, games and water fun for the kids. Choosing Croatia as your camping holiday destination, you simply can’t go wrong.


The Dalmatia region in the southern part of the country is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. A little further away if you are travelling by car, but easily accessible thanks to the well-developed highway network. We have divided the region into 3 areas on our website, each centered around the largest destinations – Zadar, Split and Šibenik. Here you will also find the most famous natural beauties and sights in the whole of Croatia. These include famous national parks such as the Krka National Park and the Kornati Islands, as well as entire destinations on the UNESCO World Heritage List such as Šibenik and Dubrovnik. Thanks to the well-equipped campsites you will find here, the whole of Dalmatia is ideal for camping in Croatia. In particular, you will find small family campsites that will delight you thanks to their location and proximity to breathtaking beaches with crystal-clear sea.

Best time to travel for a camping holiday in Croatia

Due to its location and climate, you can also travel to Croatia in May or October and still enjoy plenty of sunshine – if you’re lucky with the weather, you might even be able to go swimming. Sea temperatures outside the high season are regularly above 20 degrees here. Some of the campsites are open all year round. And for a practical overview of when the campsites in Croatia open in 2024, we have prepared a handy calendar for you.

Large selection of campsites

Whether you are looking for a large resort with lots of facilities or a a quiet little campsite, you’ll find both here. Popular campsites such as Lanterna Camping Resort or Campsite Polari Polari offer everything you could wish for when camping with children in Croatia. They are both located directly by the sea and within the campsite you will have several beaches at your disposal. Both also offer a swimming pool with slides and plenty of entertainment, so your little ones will never be bored. Thanks to the sanitary facilities suitable for pets and the special beaches for your dog, they are also the ideal destination for your furry friend.

There is also an extensive entertainment programme and a variety of sports such as volleyball, football and tennis available at campsites in Croatia. If you’re hungry, you often don’t even have to leave the campsite – many offer numerous bars and restaurants where you’re sure to find something to suit you. And when it comes to food, Croatia really does have a lot to offer – from the famous olive oil and wine region of Istria to seafood specialities and traditional dishes in Dalmatia.

Tips for carefree and safe camping in Croatia

Booking in advance

To get the best spots and even better prices, you should definitely book in advance, preferably during the early booking period. This gives you the best chance of securing your desired spot at the best price. Click here for our early booking offers for camping in Croatia.

Camping with a dog

Many campsites in Croatia are suitable for holidays with pets. Your four-legged friend is part of the family and of course will come with you everywhere you go. Many of our campsites can be visited with your dog. Many also have sanitary facilities adapted for men’s best friends and a separate dog beach so that you can all enjoy the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea together. When travelling with your dog, make sure that you have a valid pet passport with proof of vaccination with you. If you want to swim with your four-legged friend, please keep in mind that this is only possible on designated beaches – these are usually labelled accordingly.

Facilities at the campsites in Croatia

As already mentioned, the campsites in Croatia are among the best equipped in Europe. All have sanitary facilities and many have restaurants, bars, small shops and bakeries. As many are located by the sea, there is often a beach in the immediate vicinity. Most campsites also have an entertainment programme for children and adults during the high season, which is usually free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the main tourists in Croatian campsites?
The Croatian campsites are most visited by the guests from Germany, followed than by guests from Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands. Guests from Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have made significant growth in the number of arrivals and overnight stays in the Croatian campsites in the last few years. Campers most often visit Croatia in the summer period, mostly in July and August. However, more and more campers visits Croatia in the pre- and post-season because of the smaller number of guests, but more precisely because of a more carefree and peaceful holiday.
Am I allowed to sleep in a campervan on the parking lot in Croatia?
In Croatia, it is forbidden to sleep in a camper on a parking lot. Anticipated fines for illegal camping in Croatia range from €200 to €1,300. Camping is allowed only in registered campsites or camping rest.
How long can I camp in Croatia?
European citizens who enter Croatia as tourists can stay in Croatia for a maximum of 90 days (up to three months). The stay is possible in any period of 180 days, with the fact that 90 days of stay can be used once or multiple times.
How safe is Croatia for camping?
Vacationing in a camper in Croatia is no more dangerous than in other camping destinations in Europe. Like any other country, pitches are usually safer than a parking spot in a public parking lot. At the same time, it should be emphasized that it is not allowed to sleep in camper on a parking lot in Croatia.
What documents do I need to have to enter Croatia?
It is important to note that from January 1, 2023. there are no border controls with Slovenia and Hungary - the Republic of Croatia has become part of Schengen. If you are entering Croatia from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you still need to go through border control. To enter Croatia, you need an identity card or passport, a driver's license, a transport document and a valid vehicle insurance certificate. Although you do not need an identity card or passport to cross the border, you do need them to register at the campsite.
I am traveling with a camper/car to Croatia, what is the best way to get there?
Guests from Western Europe mostly travel via Slovenia, however, due to the frequent traffic jams at the Karavanke tunnel, they often use a detour via Italy (Villach-Udine-Trieste-Koper). In the case of arrival via Italy, we have a detour described on our website, how to avoid paying the vignette in Slovenia. If you are traveling to the Croatian islands - you can check the timetable and the price of the ferries on the official websites of Rapska plovidba - (if you are traveling to Rab) and Jadrolinija - (if you are traveling to other islands). Some ferries cannot be booked in advance, so it is necessary to arrive at the ferry terminal in time to ensure a place at the desired travel time.
What is the quality of Croatian highways?
Highways in Croatia are always marked with the capital letter A. The road network in Croatia is generally of good quality, the highways themselves are modern and well maintained, and the routes are well marked. Unpaved roads exist only in the most remote areas and on the smallest islands. In Croatia, the speed limit is 50 km/h in within built-up areas, 90 km/h in outside built-up areas, 110 km/h on fast roads and 130 km/h on highways.
Do I have to buy a vignette for the highways in Croatia?
Unlike Slovenia and Austria, which require the purchase of a vignette, in Croatia you pay the highways at the exit at the toll booths. Payment is possible in cash (€) or by card, as in Italy. Highway costs depend on the season, vehicle class and length of the section of highway.
Where in Croatia is less crowded?
In the summer months, there is increased traffic on Croatian roads. Traffic congestion is greatest in July and August, and on weekends, due to increased arrivals/departures of tourists. For these reasons is recommended to camp in Croatia in pre- and post-season, and arrival and departure should be during the week, not over the weekend. To avoid prolonging the journey and waiting in queues, we advise you to inquire about the state of road and ferry traffic at the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) before your trip. -
What are the rules of behavior for pets in Croatian campsites?
Pet owners are obliged to register their pets at the reception with the necessary veterinary documentation. They are also required to lead dogs on a leash and keep them tied up on their premises. The owners are also obliged to clean up the defecation made by their pets. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant, shop, reception, pool area and part of the beach. Pets can stay and swim only on the beach intended for them, and staying and swimming on other parts of the beach among other bathers is strictly prohibited.
Is it necessary to reserve accommodation in Croatian campsites in advance?
Campers love to visit Croatia and often choose it as a destination for their next vacation. Precisely because of its popularity among camping guests, it is recommended to book accommodation on time. It should be noted that the better categories of pitches in family campsites during the high season (July and August) are already sold out at the end of March. The above also applies to mobile homes and glamping tents in campsites. It is recommended to book accommodation during Early Booking (November-February), in order to get a discount on early bookings and book your accommodation at the best price.
What are the reservation and cancellation conditions?
From January 2023, the official currency in Croatia is the euro (€). At some campsites, an advance payment or the total amount is required when booking. The amount paid in advance or the total amount is deducted from the bill for the stay in the campsite. At certain campsites, you only need to fill in your credit card information. The credit card is valid as a guarantee for the trip and confirmation of the reservation. Most campsites allow free cancellation of reservations up to a few days before the trip. Certain campsites do not allow free cancellation and keep the advance payment or charge the credit card for a certain amount. You can find the exact reservation and cancellation conditions for the desired campsite in the first step of the booking process.
What facilities and activities are available to me in campsites in Croatia?
All campsites in Croatia have equipped sanitary facilities, then restaurants, and most of them also have bars, small shops and bakeries. In addition to the listed facilities, the campsites by the sea have well-equipped beaches. Certain parts of the beaches are arranged for pets in the camps, or for the naturists. Most campsites in Croatia have an animation program for children and adults. The animation program itself is in a reduced form in the pre- and post-season. The complete animation program lasts from mid-June to mid-September, and it is usually free of charge. In addition to animation, the campsites offer a variety of sports. Most campsites have a large selection of sports fields (volleyball, football, tennis, basketball, etc.), outdoor gyms, mini golf, etc. If you want to try other attractive activities, we recommend a handful of water sports, such as kayaking, surfing, diving, sailing and etc.
I want to fish during my stay at the campsite, is that allowed?
Fishing is prohibited in most campsites in Croatia, especially in swimming areas. Fishing is allowed in designated places. You can submit a request for a recreational fishing license via the following link
What is the strength of electricity on pitches in Croatia?
In the majority campsites in Croatia, the power sockets have a power of 10 A. It is very rare that in Croatian campsites the power is below 10 A. In a few camps, the power sockets are even up to 16 A. It is important to note that for the power connection is required a CEE adapter. In addition to electrical connections, pitches in Croatian campsites can also be equipped with water and drainage connections. This is included in the price of the pitch and is not charged additionally.
Croatian tap water: is it safe to drink?
Croatia can boast of excellent quality of natural water. The water from the water mains supply is safe to drink throughout Croatia, so there’s no need to buy bottled water.
What are the most important Croatian telephone numbers?
Just like in other countries of the world, in Croatia, too, there are telephone numbers which are useful to know during your stay there:

• 112 (+385 112) is a unique number for emergency services which are used in Croatia. It is available free of charge from all public telephone networks, any time of day and night. This is the number which encompasses the services of urgent medical assistance, fire, police, mountain rescue services, urgent veterinary assistance and other services and operational forces of protection and rescue.

• 192 (+385 192) Police

• 193 (+385 193) Fire

• 194 (+385 194) Ambulance services/urgent medical assistance

• 1987 (+385 1 1987) Emergency road assistance

• 195 (+385 1 195) National centre for sea search and rescue

• 11888 (+385 1 11888) Information on local and inter-city telephone numbers

• 11802 (+385 1 11802) Information on international telephone numbers

• 060 520 520 (+385 60 520 520) Weather forecast and road conditions

Fully flexible booking

Due to the uncertain travel situation, it is important to book flexibly. At AdriaCamps you can cancel this accommodation free of charge up to a few days before your arrival.