The Golden Island

Everything in a single place – the lakes, the sea, dense forests, but also the bear karst


Tasty for your palate

Taste the island's tradition – the Vrbnička žlahtina wine, the island's lamb, cheese and the Kvarner scampi


History under residue

Study the glagolitic alphabet, used to write the oldest Croatian inscription – the Baška tablet

Among the 1.244 islands of the Adriatic Sea, due to its virgin beautiful bays, bathed in the warm sea and traces of a rich history and culture, one of the islands was given the title of the Golden Island back in antique times, proudly carrying it still today. On its territory, the island of Krk has two lakes and three streams, picturesque creeks and tame bays, fertile fields and dense forests, but also a real mountain landscape and bare karst.

Since the ancient times the island of Krk has been connected with the number seven; it was inhabited by the Croatians in the seventh century, it successfully defended itself against pirates seven times and the seventh duke in succession, the Duke Frankopan, was also the last Krk duke. Today, this island has seven cultural and historical, entertainment and gastronomic centres, seven customs, dances and varieties of the Chakavian dialect.

A town of history and culture, surfaced from the past and immersed in the sea of the present, the town of Krk gradually spreads its urban centre by the sea, compressing its old-town nest within the fortified walls. A bell tower, armoured in a baroque dome, rises from the old town, guarding the 3.000 year old continuous life of this town. Escape the hustle and get into picturesque old town alleys, witnessing its historical treasure. There is also the Frankopan castle from the 15th century, which once protected the citizens, the town and the soldiers and which, today, treasures the tale of the formation of the town, transformed into numerous exhibition venues. Surrounded by Camping Krk on one, and by Camping Ježevac, on the other side, in the town of Krk, you will have no problems finding a spot for yourselves in the peaceful environment with many facilities within arm’s reach.

Head for Baška, refresh yourselves in the sea that bathes the warm pebbles of a unique beach on the islands, the crown of all other bays – Vela plaža. Stop at Jurandvor, a place which is indelibly inscribed in Croatian history. The Church of Saint Lucia is situated at Jurandvor, where, under a residue of dust, the Baška tablet was being hidden, the oldest inscription written in the Croatian language and in the Glagolitic alphabet, in 1100. Study this alphabet and walk along the Baška Glagolitic Path, by which 34 stone sculptures are placed, which will acquaint you with Glagolitism.

Should you get thirsty while touring the island of Krk, from the Baška valley continue towards the east side of the island, climb the rock which virtually plunges into the sea. At its top raises Vrbnik, which invites you to reward your palate with Vrbnik žlahtina, a sort of wine which is successfully cultivated only in the Krk vineyards and renowned for its fresh and mellow aroma. Have you ever tried champagne from the sea? This is also possible on the island of Krk. The peace, quiet and darkness of the Vrbnik seabed spring to surface the Valomet champagne, žlahtina from the sea.

Gourmand tours of the island of Krk are equally exciting. Call at one of the Krk’s taverns-konobas, taste homemade pasta šurlice or the far more famous Kvarner scampi and sweeten yourselves with dried figs and sugared almonds!

Choose a scenario of acquainting yourselves with the magic of the island of Krk! Let the morning calm of fragrances ennoble you, the tradition of tastes seduce you and the uniqueness of customs invite you to dive into a sea of tradition!