The smells and the tastes of the island

Pag cheese, lamb and olive oli are just a few of them. taste them!


Have fun

Well-known as the island of top entertainment. Visit Zrće and see why!


Have a peek into the past

Get to know the power of dry stone walls, an important part of the Pag history

Pag, an island of a stone landscapes and poor vegetation with a few blades of Mediterranean plants, is a Croatian island of tradition, written with a historic plume. Its karst and rough appearance hide a rich cultural and folklore heritage, which day in, day out, lives in the streets of the town of Pag.

Enjoy the tacts of the Pag folklore, in kolo or tanac, a dance which illustrates a meeting between girls and young men in folk costumes, who, by clapping their hands and turning around in circles, attract attention in order to start dancing together. Have a dance with them! If you are a person who would rather observe events, then your attention will occupy the skilful hands of women who, in the streets, make the most famous symbol of the island of Pag – The Pag lace. In this area, the making of lace started as early as in the 15th century and has been preserved until now thanks to the nuns, who continue to teach this skill to anyone who is interested. With time, lace has become an independent decorative item, which distinguishes itself by an exceptional beauty of samples, quality and hundreds of years-old tradition and the way it is made. After learning how to make lace in the town of Pag, take a walk across the Pag grazing fields and acquaint yourselves with an important part of the Pag’s past – the dry-stone walls, which represent the hard life of Pag’s labourers and shepherds. The dry-stone walls were built as borderlines between fields and they had to be sufficiently high that sheep could not jump over them and sufficiently strong in order for the strong bora wind not to demolish them. Their strength is still being spread across the bare karst of the island.

The island of Pag is not only a cultural, but also a gastronomic, heaven on earth. The Pag cheese is a gourmand gold of the island of Pag, full of sea salt carried by the bora wind, scattered across the Pag grazing fields, rich in medicinal and aromatic herbage. In the gourmand world of the island of Pag, the main role is certainly played by the Pag lamb, which, for centuries, raised and fed generations of Pag residents. Due to the specificity of the island layout and its features, the particularity of the Pag lamb lies in the survival on barren stones, hurricane winds and unbearable summer temperatures. You can taste this delicacy in numerous local taverns – konobas, which will, apart from the lamb, also offer you some local sheep cheese. You will surely forever remember the tastes of the island of Pag!

Should you wish to have unlimited fun, try adrenaline sports or relax on the most beautiful beach, you must not leave the island without visiting Zrće, a natural pebble bay, complemented by numerous clubs and activities, especially for younger generations. The island of Pag hides many secrets – dry-stone walls, lace, cheese, lamb and unforgettable night life, but there still remain some well-kept secrets in the island of Pag’s forested bays – Camping Šimuni, a campsite spreading over mild slopes swamped by an evergreen oak and pine woods and Camping Straško, your return to nature.

Looking at the island of Pag from the shore, it is hard to imagine that this karst desert owns a perfect combination of gastronomy, history, natural beauty and fun, which will not leave you indifferent.