Take a barefoot walk

Feel the warmth of the white beach - the Zlatni rat beach is the most famous Croatian beach


The island of stone

For centuries, men and stone have lived and created together – take home a souvenir made of the Brač stone


Go back to school

Familiarise yourselves with the tradition of stone cutting, a trade the islanders have lived off for centuries

Bathed in the warm charm of the Mediterranean south, Brač is an island to which nature gave long pebble beaches, enriched by green forests, as a natural protection from the sun.

Brač is known as an island of stone; for centuries, the best quality stone has been collected there, which, together with people who have been dressing it, represents the soul of the island of Brač. The glory of the Brač stone is also witnessed by the fact that it helped construction of many brilliant edifices, among which the most famous are the Diocletian Palace in Split, the Šibenik Cathedral of Saint James and the Trogir Cathedral. More recently, many world famous buildings were constructed of the Brač stone, such as the White House in Washington, the Parliament buildings in Vienna and in Budapest. Would you like to see how skilful hands dress the stone and how various sculptures, jewellery and practical items are made from it? Visit the Stone Masonry School in the little town of Pučišća, in the building which is the handiwork of generations of its students!

One of the reasons for your visit to the island of Brač is surely also the Zlatni rat beach, a wonderful beach of a special shape, which changes depending on the effect of the winds and sea currents. See for yourselves that the beach looks just like the one from the front pages of prestigious magazines! You must walk barefoot the whole length, feel the warmth of the white strand and the refreshing clarity of the Adriatic Sea. If the mistral wind happens to blow, then you have found yourselves in the right place at the right time! The ideal moment to discover an adventurer in yourself – have a go at windsurfing and you will realise why Zlatni rat is a true windsurfing paradise!

It’s hard for you to part with the beauty you felt and the enjoyment you experienced at Zlatni rat? No worries, in continuation of your journey, the island of Brač will give you even more. Hidden spots on the island will beckon from all directions, in order to give you a little peace. Equip yourselves with mountaineering gear and head for Vidova gora, the highest point on the island of Brač. Conquer the top of Vidova gora, settle at the tavern – konoba “Vladimir Nazor” and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of Bol, Zlatni rat, nearby islands and the Biokovo Mountain.

Should you head due west, you will reach the hermitage monastery Blaća, which looks as if carved out of the stone cliff which lies behind it. In a separate area of the monastery, its monks-hermits created communities dedicated to prayers and a spiritual lifestyle of life. The exclusivity of this monastery is not only in its situation and appearance, but also in its interior, which will surely draw your attention. Classical furniture, a collection of antique weapons, a piano, a library filled with manuscripts in Croatian Cyrillic and astronomical instruments are testimonies of the Blaće hermits’ versatile life.

A visit to the wine cellar of Jako Vino winery is inevitable, which, with the name of Stina (Rock) closely linked its wines with the unique white stone of the island of Brač. In an attractive location, right by the sea, you will have an opportunity to taste the aromas of Brač and learn a thing or two about the top quality of Stina wines: Plavac mali, Opol, Vugava and Pošip.

Inspired by the story of the Brač stone, of which the islanders are extremely proud, it is simply impossible to leave the island without a souvenir made of the Brač stone. You too, decorate your home with the original Croatian stone, which will remind you of the experiences the island of Brač gave you!