A saturated singularity

The uniqueness and the beauty of the monumental heritage is under UNESCO's patronage


Have a barefoot walk

Along the white pebbles of the magic beach Zlatni rat – one of the world's most beautiful beaches


The fragrance of the islands

From the sea, the fields of lavender will start to release their fragrance – the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta will beckon

Fields of aromatic herbage, olive oil and green plants, in symbiosis with the white stone which immerses into the clear blue sea. These are the descriptions of this exceptional area, to whose exclusiveness, apart from its natural beauty, also contribute numerous historical tales and cultural heritage, tradition and customs. Their blend makes this region a realm in which diversities harmoniously meet.

If you really want to get to know this region in the full glory of its diversities, start from the Diocletian’s Split. Have no doubts, just as the emperor Diocletian did not have when he decided to build his summer residence in Split itself, from which Split later developed. Get into the Diocletian’s Palace, acquaint yourselves with the way of living of a Roman emperor, climb the Saint Dominus bell tower and absorb the entire treasure of views that spread from it! Tickle Grgur Ninski’s toe and imagine that you are in an original Dalmatian tavern – konoba and your wish will come true right away. In a green oasis surrounded by the sea, Camping Stobreč Split is also situated, open all year round. In Split, everything is at arm’s length and, inside the walls of the emperor’s palace, you will find numerous taverns – konobas, which are eagerly waiting to take each guest through the Dalmatian oenogastronomic story. Squeeze through the smallest street in the world and have a go at picigin at the Split beach Bačvice!

From the sea, you will smell the fragrances of pine trees, sage and lavender, and this will be the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta calling you. Swilled by the Adriatic Sea salt and caressed by a gentle mistral, they are a true secret Mediterranean sanctuary! Each of them is special in their own way. Brač boasts Zlatni Rat, the most beautiful beach in this area and the Brač stone, of which many of the world’s buildings were constructed. The Island of Hvar will acquaint you with the fragrant oasis of lavender and aromatic herbage and is not short of a historical stone heritage either. Sweeten yourselves on Šolta! Known as the island of honey; it will take you through the tale of honey, life of bees and you will also have a chance to have a go at honey churning.

To the north of Split, you will come across Trogir or, as many like to prattle a happy town, a town-monument, or a town-museum. Its larger part is situated on a small island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Trogir will delight you with its unique preservation. Get to know all the edifices of the open air museum and taste the Trogir pašticada and sweet pastries rafioli.

Should you plan your holiday for the beginning of August, then your inevitable stop will be Sinj, which becomes a stage for a hundreds of year’s old knights Tournament Sinjska Alka. Sinjska alka is a knights equestrian competition, in which horse riders, at full gallop and holding an almost three metre long pole, aim at an iron ring (alka), which hangs on a rope across the race track. This is a time of the year when the inhabitants of Sinj proudly live their old tradition, which unites the past, present and future and which is under the UNESCO auspices, as a world non-material heritage.

If you wish to hear some more historical tales about chivalry and courage, head further due south and you will reach Omiš, a town famous for the Omiš pirates, who bravely defended their town. It is situated at the mouth of the Cetina river, which, in its path, cut through a mountain massif and united with the Adriatic Sea, thus creating an impressive canyon, which is today a perfect location for numerous lovers of adventure holidays.

Explore the region of true diversities, impressive history and hidden bays! Let the white and the blue be your inspiration! The white as stone and the blue as the clear sea that bathes it.