The museum of tradition

Massive city walls proudly protect the monumental heritage uder UNESCO's patronage


The love of food

Get into the narrow Trogir streets and find a konoba for yourselves: pašticada and rafioli are our recommendations


A town on an island

Exceptional examples of architecture are mostly situated on the islet, in the channel between the mainland and Čiovo

Trogir is a town which, for as long as 24 centuries, keeps its unity and beauty of monumental heritage, creating a museum which lives a life of tradition and a splendour of versatility, protected by UNESCO. It is also the most preserved Romanesque and Gothic town in Central Europe. Its central part, a mere 750 steps long and belted by massive town walls, is situated on a small island, connected to the mainland by a stone bridge.

Start discovering the art treasury of the town-museum and many exceptional samples of architecture will be fighting for your attention. One of them is the Kamerlengo fortress, named by an officer who, in agreement with the Duke, kept the town’s finances. It was once used for the purposes of town defence and today, from its viewing point, you have an opportunity to enjoy the view that spreads from the fortress, but also the a capella klapa notes, which can often mystically be heard inside its walls. Stay on the islet which abounds in numerous towers, stone palaces and sacred landmarks, among which you will be intrigued by the Ćipiko palace, created by the connection of the Romanesque buildings and which, on its front, features a Gothic trifora (a window divided into three parts) and the one thousand year-old Monastery of Saint Nicholas, where the relief of the antique god Kairos, god of happy moments, is kept.

The town is not made up only of stone streets, hundred year-old monuments and sacred edifices. The town is made up of people, colours, tastes, aromas and sounds which determine the culture, gastronomy and lifestyle. Feel at home and abandon yourselves to the tastes of the Trogir pašticada, a dish made of beef topside, cooked in a special sauce, and sweeten your palate with the Trogir rafioli, a sweet pastry, filled with ground almonds. Create your own happy experience of the summer at Camping Belvedere Vranjica!

Walk into the town-monument and open the treasury of impressionable history, which you will not want to close, look back at the ghost hidden in stone, at all the tales which lie in the background of that stone and enrich yourselves with the culture and customs of the Trogir area. You too, will experience your own happy moment in Trogir!