Along the emperor's routes

The Roman emperor Diocletian was not in two minds either when he decided to build his luxuriant villa in Split


Tasty for your palate

Look for a good konoba, taste the Dalmatian prosciutto ham and pašticada, with inevitable herb brandy travarica


Games in the sea

Have a break at Bačvice, a sandy beach in the heart of the town, where you can have a go at playing picigin

A true Dalmatian spirit settled in a tame bay of the Adriatic, under the wing of the town of Split. From the mainland, it is surrounded by the greenness of the Marjan mount and the hills Kozjak and Perun and from the sea by magnificent islands – Brač, Hvar, Šolta and Čiovo.

Marked with traces of a turbulent history and occupations by many rulers, the Split old town centre has lived its urban magic of Dalmatia in the heart of the town for 17 centuries, hiding in its arms the narrowest street in the world too, of a fun name Let me pass by.

The attractiveness of this location was also recognised by the Emperor Diocletian, who decided to have a luxurious villa of 30 thousand square meters constructed exactly here, intending to retire there following his abdication. He surely had no idea that a unique Dalmatian town would develop out of his palace. The old town centre is located within the palace walls and forms a part of Split which breathes with full lungs of the present, while simultaneously narrating a many-years-long tale of the way of living in Split. Get into the old town centre through one of the four gates: The Bronze, the Iron, the Silver and the Golden Gate, through which the Emperor Diocletian himself entered in 305. Today, the Golden Gate represents the main gate of the old part of the town. Continue down the paths of the Emperor Diocletian, which will take you to the magnificent square, Peristil, dominated by the Cathedral of Saint Dominus, a martyr who was decapitated by Diocletian himself, followed by a few temples dedicated to the Emperor and numerous Split noblemen’s gothic and renaissance buildings. Do not be surprised when you spot an Egyptian sphinx, delivered in the Emperor’s era, or contemplative people who touch the toe of the huge sculpture of Grgur Ninski, the Bishop of the Nin Diocese. Legend has it that if you touch Grgur’s toe and make a wish, it will come true. Is it at all necessary to talk of the reasons for including the old town centre in the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage?

While you explore the history among small stone streets, taste the best of the Dalmatian cuisine! Seafood and sea specialities in combination with olive oil will provide your senses with an unforgettable treat and all that will be accompanied by top Dalmatian wines. In the end, sweeten yourselves with the Dalmatian rožata or kroštule.

In order to see the palace from a different perspective, climb the Saint Dominus bell tower, from which an unreal view spreads of the town, the sea and the islands, which surround it from a height of 57 metres. When you have absorbed everything the heights give you, ascend to the secret cellars of the Diocletian Palace and have a peek at a true duplicate of the upstairs Emperor’s rooms, which, sadly, have not been preserved until the present times. Today, the cellars are, perhaps even more intensely than in the Emperor’s times, full of life and harmony of exhibitions, fairs, shows and mild a capella style klapa notes.

Leave the palace behind and, through the Golden Gate, walk to Split’s waterfront promenade Riva, a stage of the town’s life and the most important public area of that town, which will warmly host you at any time of the day. Save a little time for a swim at Bačvice, a sandy beach in the heart of the town, where you can have a go at a game of picigin, a sport played in the shallow areas of the sea. Picigin is a game of passing a ball with your palms, without allowing it to fall into the sea. A special attraction are the jumps performed by the players, who strive to keep the ball in the game.

Coupled with the most beautiful sandy beach, Split will also offer you green tranquillity and serenity at Marjan, a park-forest, whose slopes descend towards the town and immerse into the sea. Each kilometre you make will pay off once you stand on one of those viewing points, from which extraordinary vistas spread, or when you inhale the fragrance of the sea and green pine trees. Experience the harmony of nature, culture and fun at Camping Stobreč Split, open throughout all the seasons of the year!

At the beginning of July, all electronic music lovers feel at home. For two consecutive years, the biggest music festival, Ultra Europe, has been held in Split. Become a part of this unique atmosphere!

The medieval charm on one hand and a modern lifestyle on the other sounds incompatible? It is in Split itself where you will have a possibility to enjoy the harmony of the Old Roman remains, natural beauty and the Mediterranean spirit of life, in which you will surely integrate yourselves while staying in Split! Rub the Grgur Ninski’s toe and may your wish to return to Split come true!