Experience history

Open the town of Šibenik's historical chest


Taste the tradition

On the sea coast Šibenik mussels, in the outback Drniš prosciutto ham with a drop of top quality wine


Discover colours

Nature showed mercy and drew the landscape with two national parks: Krka and Kornati

Central Dalmatia, bathed in a sea blessed with over 300 islands, cliffs and reefs and protected by mountains in the background, is transformed into a treasury of cultural and historical heritage, embedded in the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Open the historical treasury in Šibenik, a town known by its 4 towers which surround it, and especially by the Cathedral of Saint James. As soon as you arrive in Šibenik, the 38-metre high cathedral will beckon. When you approach it, the whiteness of its stone blocks will delight you, as well as an amalgam of the renaissance and gothic styles of construction, carrying a gallery of 74 heads integrated into the cathedral frontage. The Šibenik Cathedral is the only building in Europe which was being constructed entirely of stone, over the long period of 105 years and, thanks to that, it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

To the Šibenik region landscape, nature gave a wealth of islands and islets, a unique beauty of the sea and the delightful landscape of the Krka river. Visit this unique karst beauty, which springs at Knin and flows into the Adriatic Sea at Šibenik, proudly bearing the title of a national park! Loud cascades create a noisy symphony, which calms your soul and in which the islet of Visovac also enjoys, surrounded by green water, which decomposed the karst plateau and placed in there the harmony of natural, historical and spiritual heritage. The beauty of the Kornati National Park will also take your breath away, an archipelago with its islands scattered across the sea like pearls, which, by so many things, represents a true paradise. Is it because of the gigantic landscape beauty, large coastal indentation, bizarre rock shapes, high cliffs or something else? It is up to you to decide.

The Šibenik cuisine is, in fact, a typical Dalmatian cuisine, which forms a gastronomical holy trinity, with Mediterranean herbs, fish and olive oil. On the coastline of the region, you can taste different kinds of fish and, by far the best known Šibenik mussels, picked at the location where the green Krka river flows into the Adriatic Sea. As for the comfort of the traditional taverns-konobas and, with a drop of the aromatic Babić wine, whose sun-bathed vineyards spread across the Primošten vine growing area. On the other side, the Dalmatian inland area complements the gastronomical story with meaty tastes of lamb, sheep and goat cheeses, as well as the Drniš prosciutto, whose one hundred year old manufacture tradition has been maintained until today.

Let roads bring you to the Šibenik region at any time of the year! At any time Šibenik lives its history and enriches its present. Try the region in different seasons in a different way – it is certain to delight you and give you a new and unrepeatable experience.