Listen to the folk tales

Learn a thousand year-old history of the region, engraved in stone


Pearls scattered around the sea

Cast off the shore and acquaint yourselves with the traditions of the people of the sea


Meet nature

National parks and parks of nature in cohabitation with hundreds of islets

You have found a place for your holiday where clear sea gets among pebbles, playing the harmony of peace. You have found a place where history tells the story of people who have been dwelling in this region since ancient times. A place where versatility, preservation and a unique beauty of the nature were the reason for proclamation of three parks of nature and two national parks. Dalmatia is a place where tastes, fragrances and sounds will bewitch you and make you fall in love with the nature, people, food, music and you will simply adore the experience this region offers. Each time. Over and over again.

You wish for new attractions, a wealth of historical locations and top entertainment? Get comfortable at Zaton Holiday Resort, relax in the fragrance of the Mediterranean vegetation and experience Zadar, a town on the sea. A town whose small stone streets give an impression that you are in another time, which is confirmed by numerous monuments, scattered all around the town – Roman Forum, Church of Saint Donatus, Saint Anastasia Cathedral, the city walls, forts and gates, as well as many other sacral and secular edifices. Zadar boasts the most beautiful sunsets which you can enjoy from the Zadar waterfront or sitting on the sea organ, absorbing the melody of waves and harmony of colours left by the sun in the sky. At that moment, right next to you, the play of light in the rhythm of the waves will start dancing, giving you a perfect gift of nature, coupled with human creativity.

From Zadar, you can take a ferry to Dugi otok, descend to the most beautiful bay in the Adriatic Sea, Sakarun, find your place under the black pine tree and abandon yourselves to the beauty spreading before you. The bay opens towards the open sea, which creates an indescribable feeling of well-being by the calmness of the clear sea and fragrance of the island pine trees. An ideal place for a Sunday afternoon, isn’t it?

If you liked the natural beauty at the island of Dugi otok, you will surely enjoy the exclusivities of the Island of Pag, too. A specific taste and aroma of the Pag gastronomy, more accurately, of the Pag cheese and lamb, emanates from the special location of the island and the way sheep and lambs are fed. Experience unbelievable sunsets at Camping Straško, which, apart from unique natural beauty, also offers numerous accompanying facilities. The moon landscape, sprinkled with grains of salt, carried by the bora wind and enriched by the Mediterranean plants, is the place of grazing for the sheep and the reason for the specificity of the island of Pag’s gastronomy. Carved by the bora wind and the sea, an oasis of peace will, in no time, turn into an entertainment mecca in the north part of the island, in the Zrće bay, giving the island of Pag world recognisability also in a fun form of tourism.

Apart from enjoyment, fun and tasting on the islands in the Zadar archipelago, you can supplement your holiday in the Zadar region by visits to the Velebit Nature Park and the Lake Vrana, or the National Parks Paklenica and Northern Velebit. Choose one of the numerous mountaineering paths, go for a light recreation and explore the National Park, whose trails will also take you to the source of Velika Paklenica, dragged in among deep canyons. In the unique landscapes of the Velebit Natura Park and Paklenica, you can enjoy yourselves if you exchange mountaineering trails, cycling paths and trekking poles for bicycles. Accept the challenge and, with the fragrances of the sea, conquer the picturesque mountain, which will enable you to look at, inhale and listen to Dalmatia!

Are you a lover of active holidays on the seaside? Get to know the mistral, a wind ideal for surfing, or get among hundreds of islands, islets and rocks in sailing boats. Get below the sea surface and dive into the sea depths, which hide many shipwrecks, mystic caverns and unusual inhabitants of the seabed. Let the Zrmanja river take you through the enchanting landscape! Yes, our next proposal is rafting. It is the very Zrmanja river that is one of the best rivers for rafting in this part of Europe and is, at the same time, the beauty and the beast. Enjoy the refreshing adventure and let the clear rapids of the Zrmanja river rinse your soul and body from the prosaicness of everyday life!

To experience history, colours, peace, but also excitement? Everything is possible in the Zadar region. You will hardly find yourselves in the position to ask yourselves: What shall I do today? The choice is endless and you will not know what to do first! Let numerous cultural monuments take you back to the past, natural beauty wake what is genuinely human in you and gastronomy raise your enjoyment of food to an unreal level.