A museum under the stars

Treat yourselves to a walk through centuries


The tastes of the Mediterranean

Fresh oysters from the Adriatic sea, why not?


The pearl of the Adriatic

Crowned with stone city walls, Dubrovnik is a city for which words are not enough

Head for adventure across the exotic south, absorb the smells of citrus fruit and vistas of towns of irresistible charm. This is a region where stone, as the main ruler of its streets, has for centuries been proudly engraving its stamps in the frontages of palaces, villas and churches.

Throughout history, always special and known as the great Dubrovnik Republic, still today is geographically separated from the rest of Croatia. If you come by car, prepare your passports, as you will, before you arrive in Dubrovnik, briefly pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically, through the small town of Neum.

Let your first stop be Dubrovnik! It has to be. Dubrovnik is a town of inexpressible beauty, in which a walk along a seemingly ordinary town street becomes a walk through centuries and culture. Stradun will take you through the most valuable cultural and historical treasures of the town. Unusually enclosed by massive city walls, it creates a unique scene from a different perspective. Take a cable car to the Srđ hill, from which you can enjoy the Dubrovnik roofs, stone alleys that hide among them and the grace of the Adriatic Sea, into which a multitude of islands are immersed. In the serene surroundings of the peninsula Babin kuk, you will experience a true camping feeling at Camping Solitudo. Once you have absorbed all the historical stories, take a look at all the historic edifices and feel the genuine natural beauty, then you will know why the Irish author George Bernard Shaw wrote: “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

Head due north and you will reach the Pelješac Peninsula, the island of wine, sea and sea shells. Break your journey at Ston for two reasons: the magnificent and massive Walls of Ston and oysters. Pelješac will seduce you with its fresh oysters, spoil you by its top quality red wines and intrigue you with its cultural attractions. Let the southern wind take you as far as Orebić, a captain’s sanctuary which exhales the spirit of the maritime heritage! It is from Orebić itself that you can sail to Korčula, the Marco Polo island. As soon as you arrive in Korčula, take the Korčula Silk Trail and experience a real Mediterranean adventure of fragrances, colours, tastes and vistas. A must is also a visit to the mystical island of Mljet, which covers its cultural unity by dense pine tree forests which narrate centuries-old tales and legends about the hero Ulysses and Calipso, the goddess of beauty, tranquillity and silence, i.e. about all that the island of Mljet offers still today.

Experience a different holiday and try the Neretva River adventure! Jump into a traditional Neretva boat, which will take you through the life of people in the Neretva River Valley. Absorb the beauty of the hills which merge with the fertile valley, let the fragrances of mandarins and other citrus fruit captivate you while passing through narrow canals and branches, all the way to the place where the river meets the foamy clear sea. Apart from the story about natural beauty, your hosts will certainly introduce you to the gourmand story, characteristic of this area. Taste frog’s legs, eel brodetto or wild duck dishes. Special and unusual, just like the Neretva River Valley!

Short term visits to the Dubrovnik region are simply impossible. It is a region where you will find crystal clear sea, hundreds of year’s old cultural attractions and historical landmarks and where you are able to discover the magic of peninsulas, islands, rivers and national parks, taste above all unusual but original dishes and marry them with top quality wines. It is a region about which you can learn a lot and about which, upon your return home, you will be telling your dearest ones for a long time to come.