The cradle of captains

Familiarise yourselves with the life of seamen, whose sanctuary on the peninsula was the small town of Orebić


The halfisland of wine and relaxation

Mighty dingač and excellent postup are the fruits of a warm tale of the south, which is passed on from one generation to another


Fresh oysters, why not?

Taste the Ston oysters and pair it with the Pelješac wines

You will experience a unique wine story of the south, which has been passed for centuries from generation to generation at the Pelješac peninsula. You will be refreshed by the warm sunrays and the Pelješac vineyards, which give by far the topmost quality wines of dingač and postup. Numerous wine routes, vine plantations and wine cellars provide a powerful experience of the viticultural tradition.

Let the basis of your journey around Pelješac be the stony town of Ston. Take a walk along the 5.5. km long European Chinese wall, which, with its height of 5 to 10 metres, defended the access to the Dubrovnik Republic. Enriched by 45 towers and fortresses, it will provide you with a spectacular view of the Ston salt ponds, which it also protected. The sea salt is still today produced in a traditional way, where the harvest turns into a true attraction during the period between July and September. Let the salt pond be an inevitable stop!

Acquaint yourselves with oysters, freshly extracted from the clean sea of the Bay of Mali Ston. Taste them raw, sprinkled with a few drops of lemon juice and enjoy the calming and refreshing properties, which invite you to love! All over the world, oysters are served with white wine while in Ston, original red wines dingač and postup marry with oysters.

Head due north and you will arrive in the cradle of seamen, the town of Orebić. Captains’ historical stories reflect against the stone palaces and villas, whose façades are often hidden by exotic plants brought from all the corners of the world. Discover the seamen’s sanctuary by strolling around the Maritime Museum and acquaint yourselves with the way of living of the Orebić captains of the stormy oceans!

Carry on to the Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of the Angels, which, according to legend, seamen greeted by sirens when leaving and returning from their journeys. The Franciscans responded to them from the mainland by the ringing of the church bell. Inside its walls, the church and the monastery keep a valuable historical heritage, but also a priceless value outside. In order to enjoy it, you will take a walk to the Baroque lodge, from where a surpassing view spreads over the Mediterranean: the Pelješac Canal and the islands of Korčula, Mljet and Lastovo.

It is a special treat to visit Pelješac. This is a peninsula where you can rest in the harmony of nature in numerous campsites: Camping Perna, Camping Adriatiq, Camping Antony Boy, Camping Ponta, Camping Vala, Camping Glavna Plaža or Camping Nevio. Here, you can sail around the gastronomic waters, join together red wine with oysters and let yourselves be taken away by the stories of the adventures of the seamen of past times.