The exhibition in the sea

Biograd is an ideal starting point for yachtsmen. Visit Biograd during the Boat Show!


Experience nature

Bond with the primeval nature in one of the national parks: Krka, Kornati, Paklenica or Northern Velebit


Explore history

This royal town will tell you the story about the crowning of the Croato-Hungarian rulers

A royal place which will, apart from nautical tourism, offer you clear sea, unforgettable views of one of the most picturesque sea straits – The Pašman Channel and accessibility to many national parks, which are situated in its vicinity; this is Biograd na Moru.

A town filled with Croatian history encircled with numerous marinas, for which it is particularly well-known. If you are lovers of boats and nautical tourism, you must visit this town in the autumn, when the biggest boat show in Croatia, The Biograd Boat Show, takes place, or at any time of the year, when many sailing regattas are organised.

On top of the beautiful coastline and many nautical events, a visit to this town will also enrich your need for intact nature if you pay a visit to one of the national parks or campsites by the sea. The Kornati National Park will beckon you from the sea, a well-indented archipelago with an abundant marine ecosystem and of exceptional landscape beauty. On the mainland, on the other hand, you will be delighted by the rest of the national parks – The Northern Velebit National Park, which is the right destination for all lovers of active holidays and stays in nature, as well as The Paklenica National Park, where the Velebit Mountain reaches the peak of its beauty. In the small area of 95 km2 you will have a possibility to enjoy exploring different endemic types, diversity of plant and animal species and numerous caves. If you wish to see water landmarks, not far from Biograd, you will come across The Krka National Park, which, with its seven limestone waterfalls, represents a karst phenomenon. The refreshing sound of the cascades will accompany you while walking along the educational trail and, when you reach the last one, the seventh barrier on the Krka river, Skradinski buk, you can stop, rest and bathe in the clarity of the river water. A newly appointed promenade will take you from the town of Biograd to Camping Park Soline, where you can find accommodation either on one of the terraced pitches or in modern, equipped mobile homes with a sea view.

Apart from these beautiful locations, you can supplement your holiday in a natural phenomenon, the Vrana Lake Nature Park. This is one of the rare, intact natural habitats of water birds and is particularly special for its position. The lake runs parallel with the sea coast, so you can simultaneously enjoy two equally beautiful, but different, shades of blue.

This town in the centre of the Adriatic will provide you with all that is needed for a true Mediterranean holiday – clear sea, most beautiful beaches, sports facilities, natural beauty and solitary islets in the bays of the Pašman Channel. It is in this town where everyone can have a tailor-made holiday and enjoy it to the ultimate limits.