The attractiveness of nature

Hidden in the mountainous world of Velebit and Paklenica, the water play of the rivers of Zrmanja and Krka


The call of adventure

Have a peek at rarely seen areas of the country's hinterland


A protected singularity

The uniqueness and the beauty of the Velebit mountain is under UNESCO's patronage

A perfect blend of tranquillity of the sea and wilderness of the mountains spawned Starigrad Paklenica, a place of preserved uniqueness, created on the site of the ancient antique city of Argyruntum!

Above the town, there is the Paklenica National Park, which is the home of the best preserved and largest forest complex in Dalmatia. In the national park Paklenica, you will come across an exceptional wealth of geomorphological phenomena and shapes, plant and animal worlds, attractive landscapes and intact nature.

Starigrad Paklenica is a perfect place for lovers of sport and adventure of any kind. If you happen to be one of them, enrich your Mediterranean holiday with one of numerous attractive excursions and tours across the stone canyons of the Velebit Mountain. You can experience all the beauty of Paklenica on foot, for which there are 150 km of arranged mountaineering and educational paths at your disposal. While walking in the National Park Paklenica, Mirila, a unique stone monument, will instruct you about the cultural life of the people who once lived in this stone massif.

If you are a fan of moving around on two wheels, Paklenica will attract you with its net of cycling paths, which will take you through picturesque villages dotted at the foot of the Velebit Mountain, by old wells and along the traditional dry-stone walls, with a beautiful sea view. Apart from cycling and hiking, in the Starigrad area you have an opportunity to test yourselves at rafting on the Zrmanja river rapids, or acquaint yourselves with the karst underground of the mountain which abounds in most beautiful caves, of which the most important are Manita peć, Modrič, and Cerovac Caves. The ideal place for your return to nature is Camping Paklenica, situated in the vicinity of the Paklenica National Park.

A place of preserved uniqueness, created on the site of the ancient antique city of Argyruntum, today will attract you by its versatile landscapes, clarity of the sea, green forests and gigantic mountain tops!