A museum in the open air

Treat yourselves to a three thousand year-old walk


The Greeting to the Sun

See the sun off to its rest with the calming Sea Organ music


Meet nature

National parks and parks of nature in cohabitation with hundreds of islets

"The sunset in Zadar is the most beautiful in the world and incomparably more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida", noted Alfred Hitchcock, watching the Zadar sunset from the hotel room where he was staying in 1964. Many people have already seen for themselves that this is true and Zadar, apart from views and many other landmarks, proves to them that it is really unique.

This three thousand year-old town of a turbulent and dynamic history, often demolished and devastated, rose again and again all the more beautiful and richer. As a town-monument, the old town centre is surrounded by historical walls, keeping within a treasury of cultural, historical, archaeological and monumental treasure. Experience a relaxed stay in Zaton Holiday Resort, where a unique blend of quiet spots in the shade of pine trees and lively rhythms of sandy beaches creates a magic of unforgettable moments spent together.

Take a walk along the Kalelarga street, a jugular vein of the town of Zadar, tiled with white stone. Even in ancient times, Kalelarga was Zadar’s main street, but also a cultural area and a symbol of the town which, on several occasions, was sung about. Walking along the Kalelarga street, you will reach the Forum, the main Roman square, in which the entire public life was once taking place, but which, still today, remains the centre for gatherings of Zadar’s residents. Make yourselves comfortable in the shade of Saint Anastasia Cathedral’s bell tower and enjoy the view of the most famous monumental pre-Roman edifice, the Church of Saint Donatus. After a break, proceed towards the sea and, walking along the waterfront, absorb the contours of the indented Zadar islands, rich in intact nature and bathed in crystal sea.

At the very top of the Zadar peninsula, apart from the unrepeatable sunset, a calming song of waves will be inviting you, composed thanks to the Sea Organ, a unique Zadar attraction. The steps descending to the sea will gladly welcome you and give you an unforgettable sunset, while the sea plays its tune. The last rays of the most beautiful sunset in the world are absorbed also by the world known urban installation, which, according to its location, is named The Greeting to the Sun. When the sun paints the sky copper-red colour, illumination elements built into the circle are switched on, producing the most beautiful play of light in the rhythm of the waves, while, in the background, plays a continuous concert of the orchestra of nature. Is there a more beautiful way of evening relaxation?

Apart from the Sea Organ and the Greeting of the Sun, another romantic way of relaxation in the evening is also a ride in boats manned by the Zadar Rows barkajoli. The Barkajoli are a symbol of the town of Zadar, who have been connecting the two sides of the town port for already eight centuries. This is a tradition which is, for centuries, passed from generation to generation and, although there remain very few of them today, their services are used not only by tourists, but also by the locals who go to the centre of the town several times a day. A more frequent way of reaching the peninsula from the new town quarters is the 152 metre-long Town Bridge, which is also the busiest pedestrian thoroughfare in Zadar.

It is unthinkable to come to Zadar and not have just a sip of Maraskino, the original Zadar liqueur, world renowned and recognisable by its bitter-sweet taste and aromatic fragrance. Taste this centuries-kept recipe and join the many famous people who drank it, making history!

Apart from the rich cultural and historical heritage, modern installations and preserved tradition, you can find a part of your own intact paradise in the surrounding areas of Zadar: three nature parks – Telašćica, the Velebit Mountains and the Vrana Lake; five national parks – Paklenica, the Plitvice Lakes, the Kornati archipelago, the Krka Waterfalls and Northern Velebit, as well as many islands of the Zadar archipelago, whose small places offer you escape from everyday life.

The treasure of Zadar will hardly leave you indifferent. If you try everything this heart of the Adriatic has to offer, three colours will stick in your mind – white, blue and gold; white as the stone, blue as the sea and gold as the sun and a fervent desire to return.