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Mobile Homes in croatian campsites | AdriaCamps Croatia

Mobile homes on the island of Mljet

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Mobile homes on the island of Korčula

Cast off and choose an island for your holiday. In the mobile homes on the island of Korčula you will find all the comfort needed for a holiday on an island. They are located within themed villages, inspired by famous world travellers.

The main features of the mobile homes on the island of Korčula are:

  • Mobile home themed villages
  • Unique design inspired by Marco Polo
  • Pets are welcome

Find your own mobile home and indulge in a holiday on the island of Korčula!

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Mobile homes on Pelješac peninsula

Spacious covered terraces, from which spreads a view of the sea, are the main features of the mobile homes on the Pelješac peninsula. Due to the facilities of campsites in which they are situated, they are perfect for families with young children, but also for all lovers of sports!

The mobile homes on Pelješac peninsula are unique for:

  • Their location in the first row nearest the sea
  • Covered terraces with sea view
  • Standard equipment and favourable rental prices

Have a look at our list of mobile homes and find the best offer for your holiday by the sea!

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Mobile homes in Dubrovnik

Mobile homes in Dubrovnik are situated in a peaceful oasis in the close vicinity of the thousand-year old town of Dubrovnik. You will find different types of mobile homes – for couples, families and groups of friends.

Special features of the mobile homes in Dubrovnik are:

  • Ideal for weekend stays near the town centre
  • Mobile homes for couples
  • Equipped mobile homes for families with children

Find the time for yourselves and spend a holiday in a mobile home in Dubrovnik!

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