A sea odyssey

Vrsar and its archipelago are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for yachtsmen


Fresh oysters, why not?

Taste fresh mussels, a speciality of the Lim Fjord


Enjoy nature

Set off to the Lim Fjord on cycling and walking paths

The drowned karst valley of the Lim Fjord, today's nature reserve of green ambience, raised Vrsar at its mouth. A town which nested on top of a small hill, from which enchanting views spread across the archipelago of 18 uninhabited islands, makes it a sailing heaven.

The attractiveness of the Lim Fjord, like an inlet creeping into the mainland, praising the calmness of green forests, where Romualdo cave indented itself – a Palaeolithic site with excellent cave decorations. Get curious and explore the life of the desert priest Romualdo! With the surrounding area ideal for walks or jogging, you can experience all the magic of camping at Campsite Valkanela. Intact islands, whose beaches are wrapped in a veil of tranquillity, are an ideal place for Sunday pastimes. Familiarise with one of them, get into its hidden parts and enjoy a somewhat different view of the town of Vrsar.

Yet another cultural and tourist world attraction is waiting in the hills by the sea: The Dušan Džamonja’s Park of Sculptures. The artists’ studio in the open, his workshops and the park of sculptures draw the attention of all visitors to Vrsar, but also of the experts who install his works in museums of modern art throughout the world. Each year, the cultural scene is also enriched by The Casanovafest, a festival of love and eroticism, dedicated to Giacomo Casanova, who, on several occasions, stayed in Vrsar, in those times already well known for its good food, drink and beautiful women. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the islet archipelago, join the festival and celebrate the eternal theme of love.

Feel the adrenaline rush in your body! Sail across the sky heights, as Vrsar is a place for testing your courage. Parachute or relax in panoramic flights, enjoying unique views of the town. You are not a lover of air acrobatics and feel safe only firmly standing on the ground? In that case, visit the aero park and see different exhibitions of old planes or even have a peek into the pilot cockpit!

Casanova fell in love with Vrsar for reasons known only to him. You surely will too, but you must first choose why! It does not really matter. What is important is the feeling you get while walking around the town, talking to people or relaxing in natural beauty. Let Vrsar seduce you by its story, history and nature and, as for you, just abandon yourselves to the enjoyment that awaits you!