Everything begins with the amphitheatre

Get to know the town written in a 3.000 year-old history


Meet nature

A Sunday afternoon at the Cape Kamenjak or mix with the National Park Brijuni animals


Have fun

The Pula amphitheatre is as if made for events, concerts and festivals

Written by a 3.000 year old history, at first sight Pula does not even give a hint of the cultural treasure which is hidden there. Should you enter the town centre, historical treasure is evidenced by the many monuments you can come across in the centre of the old town and your every walk will start and end by the Roman amphitheatre. Built on seven small hills, at the end of a deep blue bay, the town of Pula reveals many beautiful sights of the town, as well as of its coastal areas.

It all begins with the Pula amphitheatre, a monumental structure and the town landmark, where gladiator fights took place. It was constructed in the 1st century, at the same time when the most famous monument of that kind was also constructed – the Colosseum in Rome. Take a walk in the amphitheatre, wake the gladiator in you or sit on stone steps and feel like an emperor! You have deserved it! Continue in Roman style, visit the Temple of Augustus and pass through the Golden Gate to reach the centre of the town’s social life.

Although you cannot see gladiator fights today, the Pula amphitheatre has become a stage for many other festivals, scores of unique concerts and historical events. One of the oldest world national festivals, with the largest average number of spectators, the Pula Film Festival, found its sanctuary inside the Amphitheatre stone blocks. If you visit Pula or Istria in July, take your place at the cinema under the stars and enjoy watching movies in antique surroundings. Spring in Pula shines with a magic of colours. The Visualia festival will introduce you to the story about the blend of tourism and industry. And that is a story of Pula. Let the well-known town sights of the Antique amphitheatre in the background, supplemented by the illuminated giants of the Pula shipyard, delight you. The experience is unique.

Not far from Pula, you will be beckoned by the Arcadian greenery of the Brijuni archipelago, a national park which represents a compound of natural and cultural and historical heritage. Should you choose Campsite BiVillage, you can daily enjoy spectacular sunsets above the Brijuni archipelago. The exceptional beauty of the Brijuni archipelago, nourished by the beauty of noble olive groves, has created a peaceful oasis for enjoyment. The remains of Roman villas and of the Byzantine castrum can be found here, but also a safari-park with exotic animals, which you can tour on a small tourist train, on foot or by bike. The most important islands are Veliki (Large) and Mali (Small) Brijun and it is the Mali (Small) Brijun itself that, in summer, turns into a creative area, becoming an island of theatre, laughter, words, music, an oasis of work and tranquillity, thanks to the theatre Ulysses, which brings a wealth of culture to the island and its fortress Minor.

Distinguished by the Roman architecture, Pula will also seduce you with its clear sea, its cultural heritage and historical treasure. It is hard to resist it. Why even try? Feel the town which exhales diversity!