The pride of the town

Visit the Euphrasian Basilica, whose beauty was also recognised by UNESCO


A top destination

Because holiday is perfect in any season of the year


A living monument of culture

Sail away in the time machine into the past and get to know Poreč through time

A thousand year old town, which reaches as far as the prehistoric period with its history, just like the majority of other Istrian towns, Poreč was under a large influence of the Roman Empire. The remains of the great Roman Empire, like numerous villae rusticae, antique temples, a regular street alignment (Decumanus and Cardo Maximus), today represent the priceless treasure of the town.

A special place of cultural and historical treasure of the town belongs to the Euphrasian Basilica, one of the most beautiful preserved monuments of Early Byzantine Art, constructed in the 6th century. The importance and the beauty of the Basilica and its imposing mosaics were also recognised by UNESCO, under whose patronage it has been since 1997.

Should you indulge yourselves in a journey through time, Poreč is a perfect place for it. It will, just like a time machine, reveal to you a three hundred year old tradition through the historical festival Giostra, which brings back to the present the 18th century atmosphere and events. Apart from knights’ contests, plush ladies’ crinolines, dances and folk activities and the way of entertainment, Giostra will also tell you its gastronomic story, so that all your senses can enjoy the one-time Poreč life. Culture has always been important for Poreč, finding its reflection also in the autochthonous cuisine, which brings together the traditional Istrian dishes and new concepts of the Mediterranean cuisine, always relying on fresh fish, homemade pasta and excellent red and white wines.

Poreč is a town which invites you to activity by the sea all year round. In spring, visit Vinistra, an international wine exhibition, and taste the treasure of Istria in a glass. Apart from tasting top Istrian wines, olive oils and brandies, at the same time meet their producers. In autumn, when the sea smells of special freshness, abandon yourselves to the enjoyment of cycling along the whole coast, inland rural areas and old town quarters. Everyone can enjoy a recreational ride and, as for you, you can wake your competitive spirit and test your own limits in one of the numerous cycling races, organised during the whole year. Create your own happy experience of the summer at Camping Resort Lanterna!

The town’s unique historical and cultural treasure, which is imbued with heritage of many different cultures, has created a perfect stage for revival of the past. No matter which season you visit Poreč, you will not be wrong. Each season has its own life, fit in and you will find something for yourself, too!