30+ Campsites near towns in Croatia

Choose a different visit to a town. Choose a relaxing holiday in nature, but, at the same time, the hustle and bustle of towns and numerous events.

You would like to visit some of the most beautiful towns of Croatia? Look for a relaxing holiday in nature, but in the vicinity of town events, landmarks and festivals. Choose the campsites located close to towns and enjoy all the advantages of towns. Visit all the landmarks, join events and listen to the footsteps of their citizens. From some campsites, a leisurely walk will take you to old town centres, where you will be able to acquaint yourselves with the town’s historical heritage. The campsites near towns are an ideal blend of towns’ everyday busy life and the vicinity of the sea.

We bring you a list of campsites in the vicinity of towns – choose your campsite and acquaint yourselves with the desired destination.