The tennis destination

Umag lives for tennis – events, terrains and schools. Visit the ATP Croatia Open Umag tournament!


Something different

Visit the oldest lighthouse on the northernmost cape – Savudrija


Istria gourmet

Discover konobas, wine cellars and agritourisms, hidden in the outback of Umag

Thanks to its location in the north-west of Istria, this town proudly carries the title of the gate of Istria, joining together the versatilities of the whole of Istria. We are talking about Umag, an unobtrusive town, which, by the scent of the Adriatic, represents a special experience of Istria and the Mediterranean.

The matchless destination beauty and location, beautiful landscapes and pleasant climate were also recognised by the Roman nobility, choosing Umag itself for their summer resort. From those times, still today are visible numerous luxurious rustic villas, Venetian houses and streets that adorn the old heart of the town of Umag, reminding us of turbulent and past times and hiding the traces of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, many civilisations fought for this Mediterranean jewel and it passed from hand to hand of different rulers.

Coupled with a rich cultural, architectural and artistic platform and ebullient history, the town of Umag boasts its title of the sports centre of Istria which it deserves as the host of the event ATP Konzum Croatia Open, a tennis tournament which, every year, welcomes numerous world tennis stars. Apart from enjoying watching top sportsmen play tennis matches, you can also try out your own tennis abilities in Umag. The Umag Tennis Academy is the official regional centre of the Croatian Tennis Association, built in line with the highest of standards and offering a series of programmes at different levels, suited for all ages and profiles. In the very heart of the event, there is also Campsite Stella Maris, ideal for all sports lovers. Besides tennis, the town of Umag is also well known as a cycling centre for both recreationalists and professional cyclists. Within 18 interlinked and marked paths, which cover 560 kilometres, find different difficulty level paths, from the beginners’ to the professional ones and enjoy the features of Istria on two wheels.

In the background of the town of Umag, most beautiful hilly places spread around, hiding incredible sights, numerous konobas, agritourism facilities and wine cellars, where you can taste traditional specialities, made from original ingredients, and enjoy the richness of tastes and aromas offered by Istria. You can get acquainted with the authentic tastes and sounds of Istria also in Campsite Park Umag, which loves ecology and autochthonous Istrian plants. Together with wine makers and hospitality business owners, many olive oil trails also spread around the inland areas, visiting of which will provide you with a perfect way to spend your autumn afternoons. Do pay a visit to local olive oil makers and get to know and taste some of the highest quality drops of olive oil in the world.

A labyrinth of a turbulent past, amazing architecture, intertwined with the autochthonous gastronomy, as well as the connection with a unique social and sports offer, distinguish Umag as a top holiday destination.