Experience history

A turbulent and rich history has left inscriptions in the stone frontages of the town


Discover fun

Red Bull Air Race, Salsa festival or Dolce Vita festival


Nature worth gold

Visit Zlatni Rt, a park forest ideal for the experience of nature

At first sight the small, unassuming, fishing town of Rovinj is discovered slowly and, for those who get to know it, it becomes hard to resist the attractiveness of its charm. This idyllic town will captivate you by its charm, colours and impeccable vision of good life!

Today’s old part of the town is situated on a one-time island, embraced by walls and, in 1763, it was joined to the coast by means of filling the canal. The area inside the old town walls conditioned the construction of narrow stone houses, alleys and tiny squares, which exhale the warmth of the Mediterranean atmosphere. The town, enclosed by seven gates, today keeps only three of them: the Saint Benedict Gate, the Portico and the Holy Cross Gate. Just like small stars, scattered across the sea, the islets surrounding Rovinj additionally enrich the experience of the town.

Apart from a stroll along narrow and picturesque stone streets, Rovinj also invites you to visit the Baroque structure of the Venetian style, the Church of Saint Euphemia, which dominates the stone view of the town. Saint Euphemia motheringly watches over the town, protecting this magic place. Walk into the labyrinth of medieval churches, white streets and numerous galleries! Find your own spot on the rocks on the shore and enjoy the sound of the waves that bathe the stone walls of Rovinj houses.

For two years in a row (in 2014 and 2015) Rovinj hosted the fastest motorsport in the world, which represents a combination of speed, accuracy and skills; it is the world championship Red Bull Air Race. The first race was held in 2003, and, since the year 2005, the Red Bull Air Race competition has also become a world championship. Should you venture on a journey through time and join the project Istria Inspirit, this will, in authentic locations, offer you a bundle of emotions and a bundle of experiences of true Istria.

Many people find their sanctuary and a close contact between themselves and nature at Campsite Polari, a campsite with versatile offer and top service, or, on the other hand, at Campsite Veštar, which enjoys all the enchantment of a unique bay, where it nested itself. The background area of Rovinj houses two small towns of a colourful and interesting past, Bale and Dvigrad. Visit the stone-clad narrow streets of Bale, above which rise buildings joined by arches, keepers of the town’s tales! From its Prehistoric period, the town reveals the secrets of dinosaurs and, from the Roman, it keeps many legends about the old castrum, which defended the town from numerous attacks by the neighbouring population. Get lost in Istria and discover the lost town of Dvigrad, which proudly awaits you to, in the embrace of its ruins, tell you the tale of the buried treasure!

You have to feel well in Rovinj. This idyllic town will captivate you with its charm, colours and an impeccable vision of a good life. The coast crowned by paradise islets and intertwined by a web of history cannot wait to let you enter a world where dreams become visible!