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The defence walls today guard the town's cultural and historical heritage


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The best world fish restaurants have nestled in Novigrad – taste the Mediterranean sashimi

Although touristically discovered, Novigrad has managed to preserve the charm of both an old antique town and a peaceful fishing village. Located on the west coast of Istria, it was under a great influence of the Venetian Republic, from which time also date the defence walls, partly preserved until today.

The old town centre is situated on a small island, which, in the 18th century, was joined to the mainland and enclosed by the town walls. They have preserved a valuable historical heritage and landmarks and culture and all that today makes it one of the most coveted locations for tourist relaxation. A campsite for nature lovers, Campsite Aminess Sirena, offers a pleasant stay in the pine wood forest, near the old town centre of Novigrad. Take a walk along the town walls in the evening hours when, thanks to the lighting, their beauty and impressiveness is emphasised.

Novigrad’s preserved historical heritage, such as the Mauritius Ciborium from the end of the 8th century, as a rare example of the Carolingian art, is kept in the Lapidarium Museum, a glassed, dynamically and fashionably appointed space, which links the urban with the historical. Visit this museum for a new age, where you can see one of the most important collections of old stone monuments in Istria, but also in Croatia. If you like following the traces of history, you must visit the mystic historical crypt of the Novigrad Saint Pelagia’s Cathedral and then climb to the top of the Saint Pelagia’s bell tower and, through a telescope, view Novigrad, as closely as on your palm. Impressive, isn’t it?

The idyllic old town centre is an ideal place for the organisation of irresistible gourmand events, gastronomy festivals and other cultural events. Join one of the events and taste imaginative sea delicacies and widely famous Novigrad kapešante, which are considered to be one of the tastiest in the world, due to their cultivation in a location where seawater mixes with the fresh river water from the nearby Mirna River. On top of a large number of folk events and festivals, in Novigrad, you can also enjoy the Mediterranean sashimi, made of daily fresh Adriatic Sea fish. Round off your gourmand story with top vine drops, accompanied by fireworks the colour of the Novigrad sunset.

Thanks to its ideal location, throughout the year Novigrad attracts numerous sportsmen and recreationists. Are you also one of them and pine for excitement? Aminess Maravea Camping Resort is a perfect starting point for a sports holiday in Istria. Explore Istria by spending a day on one of the numerous cycling paths which connect Istrian small towns’ colourful tales. A ride along cycling paths will give you impressive sea views, ennoble you with freshness and tranquillity and take you to hidden historical sites.

Should you wish to combine swimming with fun and laughter, visit the first water park in Istria – Istralandia, located on the road between Novigrad and Brtonigla. Istralandia offers a plethora of emotions, with a guaranteed dose of adrenaline on 20 different toboggans for children and adults.

Do you like history, sport or are you a lover of good food and drink? You will adore Novigrad for walks along with its irresistible landscapes, a series of appointed cycling paths, delicious gastronomic specialities, but also for its charming town centre, encapsulated within strong walls. Add Novigrad already this year to your planner!