A protected singularity

Massive city walls proudly protect the monumental heritage uder UNESCO's patronage


Like in the palm of your hand

Climb the Srđ hill and enjoy an incredible view of the town


A walk through the centuries

To be in Dubrovnik and not take a walk along its walls is a sin. The experience is priceless!

An open air museum under the auspices of Saint Blaise, crowned with 1.940 metre long stone city walls, which, within their embrace, keep a rich historical heritage. Yes, we are talking about Dubrovnik, a town which once was the smallest, but very important, maritime and commercial state in the Mediterranean. The turbulent history of the town is told through a story located in the main town street, in museums, galleries and fortresses.

Start your sightseeing of the town of Dubrovnik from Stradun or Placa, the main promenade in the town, which stretches between the two city gates: the Pile and the Ploče gates. The name of Stradun is of Venetian origin and signifies a long street, while the name of Placa is originally Latin and signifies a venue where the most important public events take place, i.e. also a street. Stradun or Placa contain a large number of historical monuments within the city walls. Entry into the old town centre through the Pile gate is an ideal opportunity to climb to the centuries old city walls. Put some time aside for touring the walls in order to cover all of its 1.940 metres, visit all four fortresses (Minčeta, Revelin, Lovrijenac and St. John) and enjoy all the vistas of the town, which will be lining up before you. Put on comfortable footwear, take with you a bottle of water and a camera, so that you can document the expanded view of the magic Elaphiti islands, immersed into the Adriatic Sea.

If you climb down at the same place from which you climbed up to the walls, find refreshment at the Large Onofrio’s Fountain, which was built as a symbol of completion of the construction of the town water supply system. Enriched with 16 stone-carved maskerons out of which the water spouts, it provides relief with its fresh water during the hot summery months. Onofrio della Cava also built the Small Onofrio’s Fountain in the eastern part of Stradun. From the Large Onofrio’s Fountain to the City Bell Tower, your every step will be a special experience. From a height of 31 metres, the City Bell Tower will call you by striking of the hammer every hour on the hour. When you find yourselves on the Luža Square, you are then in the place with the largest number of landmarks in Dubrovnik. Wherever you turn, one of the monuments will beckon. You will see the famous Libertas Flag, fluttering from a high stone pillar, featuring a medieval knight with a sword, known as Orlando’s Column. Its back is protected by the Church of Saint Blaise. Take a peek inside, light a candle and smell the fragrance of incense. Have a look at the sculpture of St. Baise, the pride and patron of the town of Dubrovnik, who, in his left hand, holds a model of the town. When you exit the Church of St. Blaise, your attention will surely be drawn by the Sponza Palace, which today keeps the most precious archival material of the Dubrovnik region.

Should you happen to be in Dubrovnik during the summer months, you will have an opportunity to see how this town shines in full brilliance when, during the Dubrovnik Summer festival, it becomes a stage, open to the sun and the stars. The old town centre turns into a creative stage, which joins the past with the present, offering you a unique cultural experience!

Taste the traditional South Dalmatian cuisine, which is based on daily fresh ingredients, prepared in a simple, homemade way and bathed in olive oil. Treat yourselves to the Ston oysters, which will, accompanied by the top quality wines of Dingač and Postup, create a harmony of tastes in your mouth! Sweeten yourselves with original Dubrovnik desserts, candied orange peel – arancini, burnt sugared almonds – bruštulane mjendule or the Dubrovnik rožata (a type of a custard pudding or crème brûlée). If you want to see how the Dubrovnik people really live, head for the market and smell, touch and feel on your palate the food that is found on their family dinner tables every day.

Have the courage to cover the distance of 778 metres to, in only four minutes, climb in a cable car to Srđ, a hill in the background of Dubrovnik, from which a matchless view spreads of the town and the surrounding aquatorium. Apart from enjoying a unique vista of the town, on Srđ you can also visit the fortress Imperial, which today houses a museum exhibition of the Homeland War. Cool yourselves down at the restaurant, carefully absorbing the contours of the city walls and the entire vista of the town.

Are you planning your holiday, while wishing for crystal clear sea, attractive beaches, tasty delicacies and cultural and natural attractions? Absorb warm sunrays on the most beautiful beaches of Camping Solitudo, which is an ideal place for bonding with nature, but also a perfect starting point for exploration of the town. In the town of Dubrovnik, you will find cultural attractions, natural treasures and tastes of tradition. Dubrovnik is a town for which words are not nearly enough. Come and feel the town in order to truly get to know it!