Have a peek into Šibenik

Open its chest of history and culture, protected by its fortresses and forts


Nature which means life

Mother nature chose the town of Šibenik's landscape and appointed two national parks under its wing


Have fun

Old fortresses often become hosts to concerts and festivals

The distinctiveness of the town of Šibenik lies in an assembly of versatile offers, interwoven with threads of historical heritage, located in a picturesque and spacious bay at the mouth of the Krka River. Above the town rise four towers, which proudly protect this historical treasure – St. Michael’s fortress, St. Nicholas's fortress, St. John’s fortress and Šubićevac, of whose beauty you will be stupefied with a single look at the town and the sea which expands before it.

Explore the town’s cultural heritage and visit its cathedrals, churches and palaces, all worth mentioning, of which some form a part of the UNESCO World Heritage! The symbol of the town is The Cathedral of St. James. Should you visit it, you will be delighted with the gallery containing 71 portraits, situated around its apses. It is entirely built of stone and is the only one of its kind in Europe. The cathedral dome dominates the historical part of the town of Šibenik, and it is inevitable to have a look at its interior. Stand under the cathedral dome and absorb the sunrays which will shine on you through its windows! Renaissance pervades the whole town and you too will become a part of it should you get to know everything that Šibenik offers. After the cathedral, head for the Town Hall, then a little further, to the Doge’s Palace, which, together with the cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace and the Small Loggia, is in the heart of the social and public life in the town’s Central Square.

While walking around Šibenik, you will notice people wearing well-known Šibenik caps, nowadays usually orange, with two rows of embroidered decorations. These caps were once red and legend has it that, once upon a time, the main woollen fabric retailer was late with purchasing the red fabric, returning to Šibenik with a shipload of orange woollen fabric. After a walk and exploration of monuments, get into one of the small stone streets and taste Dalmatian specialities in one of many taverns – konobas. You can experience a quiet holiday in direct touch with nature at Camping Solaris, from which a beautiful view spreads across the Šibenik archipelago.

Apart from numerous cultural landmarks, have a break enjoying natural beauty and visiting national parks, empower your spirit by engaging in sports activities or spread your sails and sail across the Šibenik aquatorium. In Šibenik, you will find the primeval beauty of the Adriatic, autochthonous way of living, good-natured and warm locals and a place under the sun for yourselves.