Outing on two wheels

Kilometers of well appointed cycling paths will acquaint you with the town's outback


Science with nature

Visit the island of innovations and the Memorial Centre of the inventor of the parachute, Faust Vrančić


Have fun

In summer, the squares and streets turn into open air theatres and the town lives life to the full

Vodice, a lively place, justifiably bears the title of a favourite summer destination on the Dalmatian coast. Situated near the town of Šibenik, Vodice abounds with a versatile tourist offer, entertainment facilities, but it also boasts tradition and antiquities.

Until the end of the 19th century, locals exported water, after which this little town was also named. In the place where water was pulled out of the well, numerous social events took place, people negotiated work, traded, the kolo folk dance was performed and a capella style klapa songs were sung, which echoed along the streets of Vodice.

Are you pining for beautiful beaches and enjoyment in the clarity of the Adriatic? Then it is right here in Vodice where you can abandon yourselves to the sea fun. Dive into the Adriatic and, with the assistance of a myriad of visual attractions, rebuild the history by diving around the shipwrecks. If you came on holiday with a wish to enjoy yourselves on only two wheels, in the surrounding area of Vodice, kilometres of appointed cycling paths are waiting for you. These paths will provide you with good fun, enjoyment in nature and the archaeological monuments of this area. It would be ideal if you visited the Falconry Centre on one of your routes, 8 km away from the centre of Šibenik, where the falconers will reveal to you all the secrets of cohabitation with these birds of prey and enable you to acquaint yourselves a little better with the world of birds of prey. Create your own happy experience of the summer at Campsite Imperial Vodice!

Not far from Vodice, the island of Prvić is anchored, peaceful, noble and stony, which takes breath from everyone who steps on it. The whole island tells a tale of affluent families who, as far back as in the 11th century, chose it for their villas and mansions. Visit the island of innovations and the Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre, which was opened in 2012, in honour of the great Croatian inventor and scientist, most famous for the invention of the parachute.

Apart from being an unavoidable place for good entertainment, Vodice is by far best known also as a rich cultural centre for all those who wish to enjoy the notes of the a capella-style klapa singing in one of the small narrow streets at dusk. Come to Vodice, have fun, sail to one of the islets in the vicinity and relax in silence, charge your batteries and get to know the background areas of Vodice and Šibenik!