80+ Pet Friendly Mobile homes in Croatia

Your dog would like us to tell you that there is no need to leave him/her behind if you have chosen a mobile home for your holiday. Take your pets on holiday; these are mobile homes which will welcome them.

Travelling with your pets makes you happy and it represents a big treat for them. The excitement they will experience on holiday is immeasurable – they will poke their heads through the window during the journey and explore new places and new smells and, most importantly, spend their time with their beloved owner.

Situated in campsite pet-friendly zones, mobile homes are an ideal choice should you wish to enjoy the comforts of your own home, but also a spacious outdoor area for spending time with your pets. The campsites in which you will find pet friendly mobile homes are equipped with showers for pets, areas for walks with pets and some of them also have designated beaches for your mutual sea frolics. What is important is to observe the rules – keep your dogs on a leash while walking around the campsite, clean behind them and respect the period of night peace at the campsite.

We bring you a list of pet friendly mobile homes in Croatia! Enjoy all the benefits of staying at a campsite with your canine friends!