How to avoid Slovenian Vignette on your way to Croatia


Many of our guests decide to take the local road Koper – Trieste, which is longer by just one kilometre and which, timewise, takes around ten minutes longer. The quality of the local road is good, so we can recommend it to all those who wish to avoid additional costs!

How to avoid slovenian vignette

1. Border crossing “Rabuiese” – Slovenia – Italy

Upon arriving at the border crossing Rabuiese between Italy and Slovenia via road NSA326 keep to the right lane and turn right toward Duty Free Shop. Having separated from the main road, after around twenty meters, keep to the left lane (not entering Duty Free Shop’s parking lot). The road will lead you to the right, bypassing the gas station on the right side. It is important to know that there have been cases where vignette controllers parked already on the gas station awaiting the vehicles and charging fines. Therefore, we recommend you stick to the described road that leads you behind the gas station.


2 - Entering Slovenia

2. Follow the road and continue over the overpass

Follow the road and after some 300 meters cross the overpass. You will arrive at a T-turn.


3 - Turn to Škofije

3. Turn left towards the place Škofije

Turn left towards Škofije. Keep driving straight for a few kilometers. The road leads through Škofije and afterword descends to the first roundabout. Take the second exit (towards Dekani/Ljubljana/Koper).


4 - Roundabout in Škofije

4. At the first roundabout take the second exit

Exit the roundabout (direction Dekani / Ljubljana / Koper)


5 - Roundabout two in Škofije

5. At the second roundabout take the second exit

Keep driving until the next roundabout from which you again take the second exit (Koper/Bertocchi):


6 - Roundbabout three

6. At the third roundabout take the third exit

Continue along the road 741 until you arrive at the third roundabout where you will take the third exit (the road leads uphill towards a place called Bertoki). After 200 meters you will arrive on an improvised roundabout and take a right turn towards Koper:


7 - turn toward Koper

7. At the roundabout turn right towards Koper

Keep driving along Pobeška and Istrian road for a few kilometers. You will arrive at a roundabout. Take the third exit and keep driving straight.


8 - Roundabout in Koper

8. On the third exit from the roundabout go straight


9 - Light stops in Koper

9. The road leads you to traffic lights where you should turn left.

Keep driving straight and after 1,5 kilometers you will find yourselves outside the city, on a road that will take you to the border pass Kaštel.


In order to further assist you in finding the right route as easily as possible, at Google maps we have posted the right route, showing the entire leg – from entering Slovenia from Italy, to exiting Koper and joining the road leading towards the border with Croatia and vice-versa.

Check out the map


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