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1 campsite on the island of Brač

Staying in nature? Yes. By the sea? Yes. Under the stars? Yes. Comforts the same as at home? Yes. Choose a campsite on the  island of Brač for your holiday and have everything in one place.

Telling their story, the campsites on the island of Brač are delighting advocates of classical camping, but, more and more often also guests who have never stayed at a campsite up to now. The reasons for this are campsites top quality equipment, numerous facilities and new accommodation capacities which give the feeling of being at home – mobile homes. Enjoy the magic of camping and make friends with nature!

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Boutique Campsite Bunja

Dalmatia - Split region > Brač

  • Category:
  • Capacity: 200
  • Surface: 1ha
  • Campsite type: Mini
  • Season: V - X
  • WiFi free of charge
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