10+ Themed mobile home villages

Personalise your holiday in nature and choose a mobile home to suit your taste.  Istrian, Mediterranean or fishing village? The choice is yours!

Enjoy the close contact with nature in mobile homes of a unique design, thematically appointed in different styles. Find a unique oasis of peace, refreshment and relaxation in mobile homes – green surroundings, hammocks and intimate spacious terraces will be in charge of that.

The fragrant scents of aromatic herbage will permeate from the village which promises relaxation in the Mediterranean way. Surrounded by rosemary, lavender, olive groves and vineyards, blend in with the local customs and experience all the magic of the environment you are staying in. Appointed in a sailor style, fishing village mobile homes will introduce you to a story about fishermen and familiarise you with everything the sea has to offer. For families with children, a tailor-made village for children has been created – children and their wishes during the holiday are at the centre of the story.

No matter which mobile home themed village you choose, you will experience a camping adventure which you will wish to repeat. Many times. Over and over again.