Experience the fifth season

Be a part of the Rijeka Carnival and experience it with all your senses


Listen to the sound of steps of the town

At Korzo, the town's jugular vein – Rijeka's main promenade


Theatre life in Rijeka

The Ivan Noble Zajc theatre will introduce you to the world of drama, opera and ballet

Rijeka is an untypical tourist town, which found its place under the sun at the mouth of the Rječina River and a town in which you will always feel welcome and which will take you through its history and culture. Take a walk through is parks and promenades in order to familiarise with numerous Rijeka landmarks, by which you will remember this town well!

Due to its position, Rijeka is a perfect sanctuary for the discovery of a rich diversity that surrounds it. In the morning, you can have a coffee at the Opatija Riviera and take a walk along the Croatian Street of Fame, in the afternoon, escape the hustle and bustle of the town and enjoy the unreal view of Kvarner and Istria from the top of the Učka Nature Park. Following a fulfilled day, spend your evening in one of many Rijeka restaurants, which abound in the Kvarner area specialities.

Let your acquaintance with the town start at Korzo, Rijeka’s main promenade, the town’s pulse, but also with sightseeing of the town, where you can hear the typical rhythm of steps of Rijeka citizens and guests, which, regardless of the time of the day, echo along this street. Stop at Korzo and you will see the City Tower, a walk-through tower, which served as the entrance to the wall-enclosed town and which, still today, dominates Korzo. Continue at the same pace and stop at the Governor’s Palace, situated on an elevation and constructed in the High Renaissance, which follows what is happening at Korzo, but also in the whole of Rijeka.

A visit to Rijeka always also means a visit to Trsat. All those pining for recreation in a part of the town located on a hill, can reach it by climbing as many as 561 Petar Kružić’s Steps. Known as the Fortress of Trsat, this landmark will offer you a view of Kvarner which will leave you breathless, while in its bosom also staging numerous concerts, theatre plays, museums and galleries. Above all, Trsat is also a spiritual centre – the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, one of the oldest in Croatia, which Pope John Paul II visited in 2003. The monument of the Holy Father – the Pilgrim of Trsat, was erected In his honour.

It is difficult to get bored in, as Rijeka citizens like to say, a city that flows. In every season, Rijeka is rich in traditional events, due to which it really pays to visit it and find a place for yourself. In winter, it is never cold in Rijeka, thanks to the “fifth season”, which exists only here and which was created by the period of the year when all values are shifted. The Rijeka Carnival has become a way of living for the people in this area. It is this very carnival that found its place on a list of 500 most important events in Europe and it is best experienced right here, personally and with all your senses.

Rijeka gives you a possibility to get to know the town in several different ways – from cultural and historical tradition to colourful nature and a variety of interesting contents will make you blend in with the life rhythm of Rijeka.