The pearl of Kvarner

Acquaint yourselves with the longest tourism tradition of Croatia


Take a walk around parks and gardens

You will have a feeling that you have gone back to some past times – the times of emperors and kings


The sea and the forest on a plate

We recommend the Kvarner scampi and Lovran chestnuts

Opatija, as the Queen of the Adriatic and an unrepeatable tourist destination, has been developing its tourism for many years. Bathed by the Adriatic Sea waves and protected by the green massif of the Učka Mountain, it is nested in the famous Kvarner Bay.

It boasts most beautifully appointed parks, promenades and old Austro-Hungarian villas, which give the impression that you have got lost in some ancient times, when kings and emperors strolled along there. Opatija is, however, also a place where numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and congresses are staged throughout the whole year. Camping at Camping Medveja will give you a true experience of the Adriatic, where, while looking at the sea, you can also enjoy the fragrant tranquillity of the Mediterranean herbage.

Take a walk on the 12 kilometre-long Lungomare promenade, alongside which all the more significant Opatija landmarks are situated, many hidden accesses to the sea, secluded benches, covered by mighty oak trees, providing a wealth of enjoyment in an incredible blend of colours, sounds and fragrances. On a promenade outcrop a girl made of stone reaches out to a seagull, absorbing the clarity of the Kvarner sea. You have come across the most famous symbol of Opatija, The Maiden with a Seagull, an elegant statue that hides its interesting tale and watches over its town.

Visit Opatija at any time of the year, take a walk in its parks, breathe in the freshness of its pine trees, satisfy your palate in one of the top quality restaurants and feel the blend of the past and present, which will motivate you to revisit!