Keepers of the view

A permanent reminder of the pirate past, they are the Omiš fortresses - Mirabela and Fortica


A call of adventure

Challenge the Cetina river rapids or climb the giant cliffs of the Mosor mountain


The tradition of tastes

Taste poljički soparnik and the makarana cake

The clear Cetina River, on its 105 km long way to the sea, cut a mountain massif, creating an impressive canyon and, in the place where it meets the sea, lives the town of Omiš. Look at the mountain massif, whose steep cliffs powerfully dominate the town, seeming mystical and somewhat frightening in its grandeur. Compared to the mighty town of Omiš, Makarska quietly settled into the arms of the Biokovo mountain massif and became recognisable by its long sandy beach.

Over two centuries Omiš pirates ruled this town, who, with their arrows (rowing boats) protected the unique vista of the town of Omiš, representing fear and trembling for the towns in the Adriatic. In their honour, the event Pirate battle is organised in August, which will present to you the victory of Omiš over the Venetians.

You can enjoy the view of the town of Omiš by climbing to the Fortica fortress from the 15th century, which is situated on the very top of the rugged Omiš Dinara Mountain. Equip yourselves with strength and good footwear and, in only one hour, you will enjoy the calming view that spreads over to the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta. Should you long for an additional adventure, get among the narrow steps, carved into the rock, which lead to the 13th century Mirabela fortress, which secretly protects the viewing point from where the whole of Omiš can be seen. Relaxing in the panorama spreading from these fortresses, you will surely notice numerous lovers of adventure and adrenaline sports. The green canyon of the Cetina River invites all kayakers for a descent to the sea and if you get in a little closer to the river spring you will have an opportunity to enjoy its full power with rafting, descending along its rapids, surrounded by greenery and the sounds of nature. The Omiš cliffs and mountains invite the most courageous ones to free climbing and, for the others, for whom free climbing would be too big an adventure but who still wish to touch the heights of steep cliffs, there is Zipline, which, along with a dose of adrenaline, will also give you a possibility to see the Cetina River canyon from a completely different perspective. The underwater world of Omiš, but also of the Cetina River, are another story, rich in plant and animal worlds, which will introduce you into the tale of Omiš pirates. In Omiš you can also enjoy cycling, trekking, mountaineering or windsurfing.

Harmonious a capella style klapa melodies will follow you on your evening walk along the narrow stone streets of the old town of Omiš. A capella klapa singing is of exceptional importance for the cultural heritage of the town, but also of the region. You can enjoy a capella interpretations of numerous Croatian klapas if you visit Omiš in July, when the Dalmatian Klapa Festival is held in town and the blend of stone, smell of the sea and intimate serenading sounds, will give you a true Mediterranean experience.

Should you head due south from Omiš, you will reach the Makarska Riviera, which settled into the protective arms of the Biokovo Mountain and which, for years, protected the local population from attacks from the sea and from conquerors from the mainland. Recognisable by its long sandy beach, where everyone finds their own spot and whose part belongs to Camping Jure, Makarska wholeheartedly welcomes each visitor. Listed at the very top of the gourmand menu, the Makarana Cake is a gastronomic pride of the town and a unique dessert, which enriches your visit to Makarska.

Whichever type of holiday you may decide to have, from an active holiday rich in adrenaline and filled with the natural beauty of the town of Omiš or a sweet holiday on the sandy beach in Makarska, one is certain – you are bound to return for yet another dose of it.