The magic of mother nature

Enjoy the greenery of the forests and the clarity of the water


A ride for all senses

Combine climbs and descents through the fragrant vegetation of Gorski kotar's forests


The tastes of wilderness

Taste the venison goulash, breaded frog legs, bear's paw and fruit of the forest desserts

If you imagine a special place where you can fly away and enjoy the priceless value of forests, rivers and streams and witness the harmonious cohabitation of man and nature, then it certainly is Gorski kotar. The magnificent power of Mother Nature created a green oasis, full of sunny meadows, clear rivers, lakes and streams, as well as forested hills and mountains, giving it the warmth of picturesque places and locating it in Gorski kotar.

Plan out your visit to Gorski kotar and be scouts – look for the corners of intact nature, take a walk to the top of the Risnjak National Park and absorb everything that the sight, spreading over the four compass points, offers. All of those pining for adventure and wilderness should certainly visit the White and Samarian Rocks, areas under the strictest protection regime. The paths outside the designated routes are barely passable, so one must not leave the marked trails. It is this very inaccessibility and the authenticity of the intact nature that will please you, but also deeply stick in your mind. A picturesque watercourse, Kamačnik, engraved in the Jurassic limestone, is of great importance and of equally great depth. It provides its visitors with tranquillity, harmony and clean air, but it also represents a unique experience which is not to be missed.

If you are a lover of adventure and adrenaline filled holidays, then in Gorski kotar you must in any case try rafting on the Kupa River or at least acquaint with it through a true cycling challenge. The Gorski kotar cycling paths, of total length of 260 km, link almost all Gorski kotar towns. Your ride will take you along the existing forest and local roads, primarily dedicated to lovers of mountain cycling. Following exhausting exploration of Gorski kotar, call at one of numerous restaurants and taste this area’s speciality – breaded frogs legs!

Mountaineering, hiking or cycling and, at the same time enjoying picturesque mountains, the silence of hundreds of years-old forests, the beauty of the lakes and rivers and the fragrance of mountains and pine trees – all this is possible in a single place. Look around, feel, listen, smell and taste! Gorski kotar is ready for all your senses!